Accessibility statement

Bioinformatics Services

We provide analyses using the latest tools for a range of bioinformatics tasks. We are happy to work on other methods not listed here and can also write bespoke code for specific projects. Please come and talk to us about any of your bioinformatics needs; we are happy to give informal advice for free, and will try to accommodate any of your requirements.

RNA-seq Analysis 

RNA sequencing can provide accurate identification and quantification of whole transcriptomes. However, careful experimental design and data analysis is crucial to delivering high quality, publishable results. We can advise on experimental design before you begin your experiment and can provide sequence alignment, quantification and differential gene expression results when your samples are sequenced. We can also assemble transcriptomes and detect differential isoform expression and usage. Once we have a list of differentially expressed genes, we can undertake further analyses such as gene set enrichment or pathway and network analysis.

Genome Assembly and Annotation

We provide genome assembly services for genomes of any size, using short and long read technologies, and can also provide gene annotations for newly assembled genomes. 

Metagenomics Analysis

We can identify species and quantify their abundance from complex communities using either amplicons (e.g., 16S rRNA) or whole metagenome sequencing.

Variant Detection and Genotyping

We can detect SNPs, indels (insertions and deletions) and larger structural variants such as inversions and translocations in populations. We can also genotype known variants in new sample sets.

Bespoke Programming

We can write software to solve unique and complex problems, including anything from short scripts to custom data analysis workflows and building websites and databases.

Training in Linux, Python and R

We provide formal programming courses several times a year, and also provide one-on-one training for those who need it.

Bioinformatics Clinic

We run an open bioinformatics clinic every month, usually on the first Wednesday of each month. Please come along with any bioinformatics or data analysis problems you have and we will do our best to help you.

Other Analyses

  • ChIP-seq
  • DNA methylation analysis
  • Downstream analysis of proteomics data
  • Data visualisation
  • Submission of data to public archives