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Reintroduction of the free zone

Posted on 26 January 2024

From Monday 5 February 2024, First York is reintroducing the free to travel zone on the bus routes 66 and 67.

What is the free zone?

The free to travel zone, known as Campus Zone, is a section of the 66 and 67 bus route that is free to use for University of York students and staff. Campus Zone is specifically the area between campuses east and west, spanning from the Sports Village on east, across to campus west and on to the bus stop at The Retreat (66, Heslington Lane) and Green Dykes Lane (67).

How do I use it?

If you wish to travel free of charge on the 66 or 67 you must get on and off the bus at stops between the Sport Village on east, and The Retreat or Green Dykes Lane.

When you get on the bus you will be required to  ‘tap on’ on the dedicated reader and then subsequently  ‘tap off’ when leaving the bus, for every journey. This can be done using a contactless card or mobile phone.

Will I be charged?

No, the ‘Tap on Tap off’ function is there to help monitor passenger numbers to improve efficiency, avoid overcrowding and to charge the correct fee when a passenger travels further than the Campus Zone area. 

Tapping off

It is very important that Campus Zone users ‘tap off’ when disembarking the bus otherwise the system will think you are continuing to travel and will charge you for the journey.

I don’t have a way of paying contactless

For those without a contactless card or device who are unable to Tap on and Tap off, there are two choices available. You can decide to either pay a short Single £1.40 fare for travel on the 66 and 67 within the Campus Zone, or continue to wait at the stop for a free ride on the C1 and C2 campus shuttle.

What is the cost to travel outside the Campus Zone

Those wishing to travel from within the Campus Zone beyond The Retreat on Heslington Road (on service 66) or for example to The Boulevard (on service 67) will pay a short Single price of £1.40.

Those travelling from within the Campus Zone into the city centre will pay a maximum Single price of £2.00.

The dedicated inter campus routes (C1 and C2) across campus will remain free and will continue to operate as normal.

The changes to 66 and 67 come following positive discussions between YUSU, First York and the University of York, as well as including feedback from staff and student bus users.