Accessibility statement

Emergency funding for students facing unanticipated financial challenges

Posted on 26 March 2020

With thanks to our community of donors from alumni, friends and supporters of the York Unlimited philanthropic campaign, we have launched an Emergency Student Support Fund (COVID-19).

This fund has been established to provide financial support to students facing unanticipated financial challenges. It provides support of up to £500 per student for housing and food costs, travel expenses and technology costs associated with online learning.

We will release funding in several rounds to make sure that those in most need can access it. Please see our application form for details of eligibility and how to apply.

Help with rental agreements

There will be no charge from the start of the summer term for students with rental agreements with the University. This offer of early contract cancellation also includes students in Student Castle who booked directly through Accommodation Services. 

We have encouraged as many students as possible to return to their homes, but for some this is not possible and our campus will therefore remain home to some students. The Student Hub and College teams are available to support those remaining on campus, students who have accommodation contracts with private providers in York, or students with other particular requirements.