New indicators for Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility

There is an increasingly compelling body of evidence that indicates significant changes in the world landscape in the coming years. Wide-ranging research, such as the 2012 WWF Living Planet Report highlights that shifts in the availability and access to natural resources, alongside fundamental changes in global demographics, present a changing set of threats and opportunities. In responding to these and many social, environmental and economic challenges, many feel there is clearly a requirement for new skills, thinking and knowledge within the business sector. It can be argued that these challenges will radically alter the operating environment for business and what is required are new strategies, models and approaches to responding to these global challenges.

The NETpositive Initiative is a collaborative partnership which has the aim of transforming leading sustainability thinking into tools and approaches that can be used by SMEs and throughout supply chains.

Our aim is to promote positive behaviour across organisations to ensure that core business activities adapt to, and help address, current and future social, economic and environmental challenges.

A NETpositive approach is one which helps to create a sustainable strategy that pays as much attention to enhancing the positive impacts of an organisation's contribution to society, as it does to reducing the negative impacts of its activity!

Since 2013 a number of tools have been launched. The first of these was for the Scottish Construction industry. 

SEI PDF Factsheet - Net Positive (PDF , 444kb)



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