People from across the University of York and beyond contribute to the work of SATSU, reflecting the open and interdisciplinary nature of our work. If you are interested in becoming a member of SATSU and joining our mailing list, please contact the co-directors Vanessa and Richard.

SATSU is led by the co-directors and a board made up of people from across the University.


Dr Jennifer Chubb, Department of Sociology

Dr Richard Tutton, Department of Sociology

Board Members

Professor Ellen Annandale, Department of Sociology

Professor TT Arvind, York Law School 

Dr Vanessa Ashall, Department of Sociology

Professor David Beer, Department of Sociology

Professor Nik Brown, Department of Sociology

Professor Peter Coventry, Department of Health Sciences 

Professor Phil Garnett, School of Business and Society

Professor Lindsay Hamilton, School of Business and Society

Emerita Professor Joanna Latimer, Department of Sociology

Professor Jenna Ng, School of Arts and Creative Technologies 

Dr Darren Reed, Department of Sociology

Dr Frank Soboczenski, Department of Computer Science

Professor Tom Stoneham, Department of Philosophy