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Professor Lindsay Hamilton
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Lindsay is an organisational ethnographer with a particular interest in human-animal interactions at work. Her interdisciplinary research has focused upon a number of organisational settings in which the species come into contact; slaughterhouses and meat packing plants, farms, veterinary surgeries, shelters and zoos.

Lindsay has published widely on her empirical findings in journals such as Organization, Gender Work and Organization, New Technology, Work and Employment and Sociology. She is co-author of two books and joint editor of the textbook, Contemporary Issues in Management, now in its second edition.

Lindsay is keen to supervise doctoral students with an interest in human-animal studies, sociology of science and technology as well as ethnographic studies of management and organization. 

Departmental roles

Deputy Dean (Strategy and Academic Planning)

Chair of Animal Organization Studies




Lindsay has a strong research interest in the lived experience of work, especially that which involves contact with nonhumans. She uses ethnographic techniques of interview, work-shadowing, participant observation and text analysis to understand how work cultures function and how management attempts to influence day-to-day working lives may lead to unintended consequences.

Lindsay is particularly keen to innovate ethnographic field techniques to better capture the contemporary experiences of workers, particularly in their interactions with objects, materials and other species. 


Selected publications

Authored books

Hamilton, L. and Tallberg, L. (2022) 'The Oxford Handbook of Animal Organization Studies', Oxford 

Hamilton, L. and Taylor, N. (2017) ‘Ethnography after Humanism: Power, Politics and Method in Multi-species Research’, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Hamilton, L. and Taylor, N. (2013) ‘Animals at Work: Identity, Politics and Culture in Work with Animals’, Boston and Leiden: Brill Academic Publishers.

Edited Volumes

Sang, K. Hamilton, L. and Sayers, J. (forthcoming) Special Issue ‘Animals, Gender and Work’ Gender Work and Organization

Hamilton, L. (2016) Special Issue ‘Countryside Lives: Symbolic Terrain’ Ethnography 17:3

Hamilton, L. Mitchell, L. and Mangan, A. (2019) ‘Contemporary Issues in Management: A Critical Approach [second edition]’ Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.

Peer reviewed journal articles

Hamilton, L., Carrigan, M. and Bellet, C., (2021) (Re)connecting the food chain: entangling cattle, farmers and consumers in the sale of raw milk. The Sociological Review (online first)

Hamilton, L., Tallberg, L. and Huopalainen, A. (2020) ‘Can methods do good? Multi—species ethnography as a response to Covid—19’ Ethnologia Fennica 47(2):103—112

Hamilton, L. (2019) ‘Fur, feather, skin and teeth: How do technologies and ontologies meet in time and space?’ Journal of History of Science and Technology (HoST) 13(2):137-141

Hamilton, L. Evans, N and Allcock, J (2019) ‘I don’t go to meetings: Understanding farmer perspectives on bovine TB and biosecurity training’ Vet Record [Published online first 7 January 2019]

Surman, E. and Hamilton, L. (2018) ‘Growing consumers through production and play: a phenomenological exploration of gardening in the school foodscape’ Sociology (4*) [Published online first 13 August 2018]

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Kelemen, M. and Hamilton, L. (2015) ‘The Role of Creative Methods in Re-defining the Impact Agenda’ CASIC Working Paper Series (can be accessed at

Hamilton, L. (2015) ‘Editorial; Ethnography beyond the Country and the City: Understanding the Symbolic Terrain of Rural Spaces’ Ethnography 17(3): 297-308.

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Hamilton, L. (2007) ‘Muck and Magic: Cultural Transformations in the World of Farm Animal Veterinary Surgeons’ Ethnography, 8(4): 485-500. Subsequently re-printed in Ethnography in Context ed. Hobbs, R. London: Sage (2011)

Book chapters

Lin, Y., Kelemen, M. and Hamilton, L. (forthcoming) ‘Reaching out across the theory-practice divide? Impact, participation and change after the Japanese Tsunami of 2011’ in Wankhade, P. [ed] Critical Perspectives on the Management of Emergency Services, London: Routledge.

Hamilton, L and Mitchell, L. (2016) ‘Dignity and Species Difference in Organizations’ in Kostera, M. and Pirson, M. Dignity in Organizations Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan

Hamilton, L. and McCabe, D. (2014) ‘Disjointed, Degraded and Divided? A Tale of Dirty Work at the Chicken Factory’ in Hamilton, L. Mitchell, L. and Mangan, A. (eds.) (2014) Contemporary Issues in Management Cheltenham: Edward Elgar

Hamilton, L. and Taylor, N. (2014). ‘Care of the Underdog: Animals, Culture and the Creation of Moral Certainty in the Rescue Shelter’ in Hamilton, L., Mitchell, L., and Mangan, A., (eds.), Contemporary Issues in Management, Edward Elgar Publishing.

Taylor, N. and Hamilton, L. (2014) ‘Investigating the Other: Considerations on multi-species research in Organisations’, in Hillyard, S., and Hand, M. (eds.) Big Data? Qualitative Approaches to Digital Research, Volume 13. London: Emerald Publishers.

Hamilton, L. and Taylor, N. (2014) ‘Ethnography in Evolution: Adapting to the Animal Other in Organizations’ (article reprint) in Approaches to Fieldwork, ed. Hillyard, S. London: Sage

Hamilton, L. (2011) ‘Muck and Magic: Cultural Transformations in the World of Farm Animal Veterinary Surgeons’ (article reprint) in Ethnography In Context ed. Hobbs, R. London: Sage

Book reviews

Hamilton, L. (2015) ‘When I ask Myself These Questions’ Ethnography 15(4)

Hamilton, L. (2011) ‘Book Review: Barbara Czarniawska, A Theory of Organizing Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Press’ Sociology, 45(4)




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