Focusing on four central research pillars, we will identify challenges, create novel solutions and help progress these to maturity in order to inform industry and regulatory best practice for robotics and connected autonomous systems (RCAS).

Research pillars

Design and verification

We tackle the practicalities involved in building RCAS that are safe - and that can be shown to be safe - both before and during their deployment regardless of any changes to their working environment.


We are establishing what is required to demonstrate that any RCAS is safe, and developing robust methodologies to meet these requirements so that the deployment of all such systems is subject to reliable appraisal.


We are developing resilient communication mechanisms and harnessing quantum-based technology to allow for the efficient operation and assurance of RCAS on land, underwater, in the air, and in orbit.

Society and ethics

We ask and answer the practical ethical questions raised by the integration of RCAS in society in order to ensure that any such systems are demonstrably beneficial, fair and trustworthy.