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YorkCourse in English

(BA and MA level)

The NSC’s YorkCourse in English provides a unique opportunity for students studying at Norwegian Higher Education institutions and for qualified teachers of English who are either Norwegian nationals or who are working in Norway to live and study in a British academic environment. The aim is for all students to deepen and expand their expertise in the languages, literatures and cultures of the English-speaking world. The YorkCourse can be taken either at the 200-level which is suitable for undergraduates/BA students, or at the 300-level which is suitable for postgraduate students who are undertaking a Masters degree in Norway. Students on the new 5 year masters GLU or Lektor programmes are counted as undergraduate students when in their first cycle (years 1-3) and master’s students when in the second cycle (years 4-5). 

Students taking the 200-level course may opt for the Research Extension Module, which enables them to write their BA thesis (bacheloroppgave) whilst in York.

Please browse the sections below to find out more about these courses, or email nsc-director@york.ac.uk with any questions.

See also this link for a Power Point presentation of the course by the current Director, Erik Tonning.

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"Best time of my life so far.  I have met lots of people, visited lots of places and learnt about lots of things from the friendly and funny staff. THANK YOU."

"This course features some of the best lecturers I've ever had. And they'll fatten you up with biscuits."

"A perfect way to get to know more of the English language and society."

"The teachers at the NSC are friendly and helpful and you get lots of feedback on your essays."

"The good thing is that for all three modules you are free to choose your own essay topic, so you will always find a topic that interests you."