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Leaders of NSC Short Courses 

The Arctic University of Norway (UIT)

Hilde Brox

Associate professor. Teaches courses in literature and text didactics in GLU and in-service courses. Professional interests include aesthetic and creative approaches to learning English, collaborative writing, and critical literacy.



Kristin Killie

I work at the Department of Education, where I teach, supervise students, and carry out research. I teach English language and didactics, language acquisition, multilingualism, and academic writing. My research lies within second language acquisition, language didactics, and historical linguistics/language change.



Ruben Moi

Ruben Moi's teaching portfolio includes modules from the Renaissance to our present day. His research focuses currently on Just Literature, the relations between literature and justice, on Irish literature and culture, and on modernism. He holds positions as chairman, treasurer and member of several networks.





Minjeong Son

I am an associate professor of English at the integrated master program in teacher education. I teach and do research within the areas of language/linguistics (second language acquisition) and English didactics. My other research interest includes teacher education (for the English subject) in the school-university partnership.


                                             Cassandra Falke

I am a Professor of English Literature at UiT specializing in English Romanticism and literary theory. I love York and got to do my PhD there. Published books include: books include  Intersections in Christianity and Critical Theory  (ed. 2010),  Literature by the  Working Class: English Autobiography, 1820-1848  (2013),  The Phenomenology of Love and Reading   (2016; paperback 2018), Phenomenology of the Broken Body  (co-ed 2019), and Wild Romanticism (co-ed, 2021). I am working on two new monographs and an edited collection focuses on the representation if historical violence in literature.


The University of Stavanger (UIS)

Rebecca Stuvland

BA in teacher education, MA and PhD in literacy studies, doctoral research focused on EFL reading instruction in primary schools. I teach GLU and KFK courses in English didactics. My other research interests include biliteracy/pluriliteracy, lesson study, intercultural competence, and pragmatics.


Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

Andrew Weir

I am a linguist specializing in syntax and semantics with a particular focus on English, especially microsyntactic variation between dialects. I am originally Scottish, but received my PhD in Linguistics at the University of Massachusetts Amherst before moving to Trondheim.



 Silje Nes Skrede

I'm a student adviser for all English students at NTNU (one-year programme, BA, MA, teacher training) as well as the international MA degree MPhil in English Linguistics and Language Acquisition. I also work on internationalisation, facilitating study abroad programs for undergraduate and graduate students at the Department of Language and Literature at NTNU among other things. 

Eivind Torgersen

Eivind Nessa Torgersen is Professor of English language in the Department of Teacher Education at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. He has worked on projects on Multicultural London English and language change in the south-east of England. His main publications are on phonological change in London English and the use of spoken corpora in sociolinguistic research. Other research interests are in second language acquisition and multilingualism.

Eir-Anne Edgar


I am Associate Professor of Literature in English at NTNU, where I teach American literature and culture. My  research focuses on 20th and 21st century literature and film, pedagogy, and writing. My current research explores contemporary dystopian fiction and issues of gender and sexuality. 




                                        Marthe Sofie Pande-Rolfsen

Marthe Sofie Pande-Rolfsen is assistant professor of English literature and subject didactics at NTNU’s department of teacher education in Trondheim. Her main teaching and research interests are children’s literature, literacy development and bodily/aesthetic approaches to learning.


Nord University



Heidi H. Grosch

Nord University, Levanger

Heidi Grosch has worked with creativity in the classroom for over 30 years and continues to use her arts background in the teacher training program at NORD University in Levanger and in her work in preschools and primary schools. For more information on Heidi's background, links to teaching guides and readers theater pieces she's created for American childrens' authors and illustrators, or to chat about collaboration, go her website

Jessica Hanssen,

Nord University, Campus Bodø

Associate Professor of English. My areas of research and professional interest are American literature, short-story theory, narratology, YA fiction, and middle grades English education.

Steven Williams

English Section, Campus Levanger, NORD University

Teaching background from Primary to Tertiary education in Britain and Scandinavia since 1987. University teacher in Teacher Training Courses and Professional Development courses in Norway. Montessori teacher from 2004 - 2018.


 Saeed Karimi Aghdam Ordaklou

Nord University (Levanger)

Saaed is Associate Professor of English Language and Didactics. He is a member of the editorial board of Language and Sociocultural Theory and serves on the advisory board of the Journal of Applied Linguistics and Applied Literature: Dynamics and Advances. His main research interests include dynamic systems theory, English didactics, Vygotsky’s cultural-historical psychology, applied linguistics, and second language acquisition, and his work has appeared in journals such as Human Development, Language and Sociocultural Theory, and Integrative Psychological and Behavioral Science. He has qualified teacher status in the UK, Norway, and Finland.

Oslo Met University

Therese Tishakov

Therese works in English teacher education with pre- and in-service teachers of primary and lower-secondary levels. She is currently on a doctoral study stipend, at OsloMet, researching teacher cognition about multilingualism in English language education in Norway.


Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences (INN)


Hege Larsson

Faculty of Education, Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences (Campus Hamar)


I am an assistant professor of English language, and in my research I currently explore spoken English interlanguage, with an emphasis on features that may contribute to (dis)fluency. I mainly teach courses related to English language and English language teaching, including topics such as spoken English, pragmatics, and academic writing.


Jennifer Jønnum Brunelle

Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, Hamar

I have been teaching English in one form or another for close to 20 years. I have an MA in English literature and an upper-level teacher qualification (PPU), both from the University of Oslo. Since completing my education, I have primarily lectured in English literature for BA students at three Norwegian colleges (UiO, HSN, and INN). I also frequently lecture for teacher education programs, continuing education courses for current teachers (KFK) and supervise BA thesis writers.

Marit Elise Lygnstad

Department of Humanities, Faculty of Education, Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences (Campus Hamar)

I am an Associate Professor within the fields of English literature and literature didactics. I mainly teach in the teacher training programs and Master’s programs at HINN. My research interests include literature’s role in secondary school and literature for children and young adults, particularly dystopian literature.


Sylvi Rørvik

Faculty of Education, Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences (Campus Hamar)

I am Professor of English language, and I primarily teach English grammar in various study programs. My research interests are in the field of corpus linguistics, with special focus on learner corpus research.



Siri Fürst Skogmo

Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences (Hamar)

I hold a PhD from the University of Oslo, in Translation Studies with a focus on language in literature, translation of fiction from English to Norwegian. My main subjects are English language and Translation Studies, but I have also studied English literature and Linguistics.


Ida Syvertsen

Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, Campus Hamar

I am a lecturer and PhD candidate within the field of applied linguistics. My main research interests are in sociolinguistics, Global English and multilingualism. I teach and supervise English language, sociolinguistics and applied linguistics in various study programmes. 

Volda University College

Vibeke Jensen

Volda University College

I teach English grammar and phonetics in the English BA programme and the GLU-programme at Volda. My research interests are 1) attitudes to varieties of English and 2) morphological awareness in the English classroom.


Trøndelag County Teachers

Håkon Kuntze

Trøndelag County, Steinkjer Upper Secondary School

Upper-secondary-school teacher of English and Norwegian for more than 25 years. Currently employed at Steinkjer Upper Secondary School.


Western Norway University Of Applied Sciences (HVL)

Michel Cabot

HVL Stord

Associate professor at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Campus Stord. Michel has worked as a teacher educator since 2012. He has many years of experience as a teacher at upper and lower secondary school and in adult education. His research interests include corrective feedback, grammar didactics, the use of ICT and learning ecologies. His current research explores democratic citizenship and critical thinking in English classrooms.


Jena Habegger-Conti

She is a Associate Professor of English at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences in Bergen, Norway where she teaches literature and culture. Her research interests include critical literacy, visual literacy, intercultural education, cultural studies, and 20th-21st century American literature. Her current research explores the disruption of visual imaginaries in the graphic novel and ethical approaches to reading.


Mari Skjerdal Lysne

Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, campus Sogndal

I teach mainly literature and didactics at HVL, campus Sogndal. Before becoming a lecturer here, I thaught at upper secondary.



 Martha Thunes

Martha Thunes is Associate Professor of English at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, where she teaches grammar, phonetics and language didactics. Her research background is from general and computational linguistics, translation theory and contrastive language studies. She has worked as a teacher educator since 2017, and her current academic interests include syntax, grammar didactics and Norwegian-English contrastive grammar.


Østfold University College (HiØ)

Ingebjørg Mellegård

Østfold University College, Halden

I have many years of experience as an English teacher and in-service teacher trainer. Since 2009, the KfK courses have been my field of priority, and I am a lecturer of English Didactics and Linguistics. My main interests of research center on professional development of English teachers.


Melanie Duckworth

Melanie Duckworth is Associate Professor of English Literature at the Department of Languages, Literature and Culture. Her research encompasses the overlapping fields of Australian literature, children's literature, and ecocritism, wth particularly interested in poetry, receptions of the past, and representations of plants and animals. She teaches British, postcolonial, and children’s literature.


 Daniel Fryer

Daniel Lees Fryer is associate professor of English at the Department of Languages, Literature, and Culture. His teaching and research interests include linguistics, social semiotics, multimodality, and discourse analysis, especially in the areas of scientific/medical discourse, the discourses of social movements, and human-nonhuman animal relations.


Johanna Wagner

Johanna M. Wagner is Professor of English Literature at the Department of Language, Literature and Culture. Research and teaching interests are American and British literature, modernisms, African American women’s literature, the Gothic, film, and representations of women in literature and film.


Lasse Ellefsen

Lasse is a lecturer of English linguistics at ØuC, where he has worked since 2013. He currently teaches linguistics courses in MAGLU, but has previously taught at the English foundation course, English courses for engineers and at online courses for in-service teachers. Having previously studied for his MA in phonetics and phonology at the University of York, Lasse is now happy to be able to bring his MAGLU students to the NSC to let them get a taste of life as a student in York as NSC students."


University of South-Eastern Norway (USN)

Peter Fjågesund
Peter Fjågesund is Professor of British Literature and Civilisation at the University of South-Eastern Norway, campus Bø. He has produced books and articles primarily on British nineteenth- and twentieth-century literature, with a special emphasis on Anglo-Scandinavian relations and on the works of D.H. Lawrence. He has also translated novels by Lawrence, Daniel Defoe and Anne Brontë into Norwegian.




Øystein Heggelund

I am Associate Professor of English at USN, campus Bø. My teaching and research interests include grammar, language history, World Englishes and discourse analysis.  I have twice been a student in York, and will forever love the city and its magnificent football team.


Dagny Opsal

I am a lecturer of English, with a preference for children's- and young adult literature, science fiction and reading and writing methodology. As I tend to be hired on a temporary basis, I teach most disciplines, and all of my teaching experience in higher education relates to teaching English to teacher trainees.

University of Oslo (UiO)

Signe Oksefjell Ebeling

I’m a professor of English language at the University of Oslo. As part of my undergraduate studies I went on a 3-week study trip to the NSC in the early 1990s. I’ve been back many times since, both as a leader and as a member of the NSC board.




Mia Brunelle Jønnum

I am the higher executive officer for English at the Department of Literature, Areas Studies and European Languages at UiO. I am in charge of student councelling and academic administration related to modules and exams at all levels of English studies. I am also the administrative contact person for the short course in York at UiO.