Accessibility statement

Short Course Leaders' Area

This section contains guidance for academics and administrators who have responsibility for arranging and organising study trips to the NSC.  All questions and enquiries about short courses should please be addressed to

Summer 2021

The Covid-19 crisis currently prevents global travel making internationalisation difficult, but no less desirable.  The NSC has responded by introducing new online options which will allow students to be immersed in the languages, literatures and cultures of the UK, all whilst safely remaining in Norway.  Further details of our online offering can be found in our Online Programme (PDF , 1,030kb).

An information video about our online options that may be shown or shared with students can be found here

Once travel restrictions are lifted, we are committed to returning to face-to-face teaching in-line with whatever social distancing policies the University of York have in place.  We recognise that it may be necessary to continue to offer some online teaching, or to return to online offerings in the case of further lockdown in the UK or Norway.

Whatever the situation: we will work with you at all stages - whether this is your first time as Leader or you have been Leader many times before - to help make a successful and interesting programme for your students.   You can always contact our Director of Studies, Dr Beck Sinar, at any time via

We'd also like to THANK each and every one of you for your time and support. 

Thank you.