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Short courses

Welcome to our short course programmes

The NSC offers two main types of short course as part of HE programmes in Norwegian Higher Education:

Courses of one or two weeks’ duration for students of English at Norwegian universities and colleges (YearCourse, BA, MA, Lektor). Most of the teaching will focus on English Studies (English and related literature, English language in use, and British culture/current affairs). The programme also often involves excursions, such as a guided tour of some of York’s historic buildings or a theatre experience. It may also include project work on York. 

Courses (one or two weeks’ duration) for teachers currently working in the Norwegian school system (in-service, KFK) or students training to be teachers (GLU, MAGLU, Lektor). In addition to English Studies topics on the English language, British culture, and English literature, these courses include sessions on didactics or with a didactic focus.  All modules have been designed to reflect the aims and objectives of LK20. The programme often includes a visit to a local state or private school.  It may also include other excursions, such as to the theatre or local places of interest.

Content of the courses

The content of all of our short courses are tailored to meet the needs of individual groups and are agreed in advance with the course leader at our partnering Norwegian institutions.  All programmes will offer topics across the range of disciplines in which we teach: language, literature and culture, with didactics a main component in courses for teachers and teacher trainees.  

Most programmes also include intercultural learning opportunities outside the classroom with a series of excursions, including to local schools, theatres and museums, as well as self-led activities within York (and further afield).

Information for our short course students 

Your course leader will provide you with information prior to your arrival in York, including about how and when to sign up for a short course, the costs involved, arrangements for travel and accommodation and the details of the agreed programme. To help with this information flow, you will be given access to a dedicated google site containing most, if not all, of the information you will need.   In the meantime, you might like to explore other areas of our website to:

  1. Find out more about the staff and their teaching and research interests 
  2. Find out more about York, The University of York, and being on exchange in the UK.
  3. Read brief pre-arrival information such as study fees 

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What our students say

"The teachers were AMAZING. They are so passionate about what they do and their passion is contagious. i give them tens across the board. "

(BA student, Autumn 2018)

"I enjoyed learning about issues not covered in the normal university curriculum"

(BA student, Spring 2019) 

"Absolutely ALL the teachers were enthusiastic and inspiring. I want to come back for more!"
(BA student, Summer 2019)

"The opportunity to get a sort of inside view of British language, culture and politics was fun and educational"
(BA student, Spring 2019)

"I really enjoyed the insight and inspiration of spending an afternoon in an English school"

(GLU student, Summer 2019)

"I LOVED the tour to the Minster and the school visit - really added to the experience"

(GLU, Spring 2019)

"Seeing a Shakespeare play in the UK was something I will never forget - I saw Shakespeare in a whole new way"

(KFK, Spring 2019)

"Teachers are excellent! They provided us with a LOT of materials relevant for our own teaching."

(KFK, Autumn 2018)