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Short courses


The NSC offers two main types of short course:

  1. Courses of one or two weeks’ duration for students of English at Norwegian universities and colleges. Most of the teaching will focus on English literature, English language in use, and British culture/current affairs, and for teacher-trainees, teaching-related topics may also be covered. The NSC uses the English-speaking environment to do what cannot easily be done in Norway, often through project work and visits to appropriate venues in and around York.
  2. In-service courses (one to two weeks’ duration) for teachers working in the Norwegian school system. In addition to topics on language and British culture, these courses sessions on teaching methodology in accordance with the principles of K2006 and the needs of the participants.

Content of the courses

The content of short courses will vary according to the needs of the user groups, but it will take a serious academic approach at all times.  An information pack on the NSC’s study programme including the modules offered and with details of administrative procedures, is sent to the institutions involved, well in advance of the course to allow an individual programme of study to be offered for each course.


Teaching normally takes place at the centre which is located on the ground floor of Quantum House on the edge of the main (Heslington West) University campus.  Teaching is generally a combination of small-group seminar teaching (in groups of up to 15-20) and lectures, from NSC staff and, on occasion, from outside experts. English is used at all times, and small group work is integral to the teaching and learning style. Students are encouraged to participate as actively as possible. Project work will usually involve an oral presentation at the end of the course, and in some cases, will be written up in Norway as an assignment for the home institution.


What our students say

"I liked the style of teaching - great mix of humour and information. Thanks for a great two weeks. I hope to come back soon."
Eirik, 2009

"Excellent teaching from excellent teaching staff. Wish I could take you all back home to Norway."
Anne Karine, 2010

"I wish the course wasn't over. I've had such a good time. I've learnt a lot, made lots of friends and visited a lot of different places."
Marit, 2012