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The Covid-19 crisis currently prevents global travel making internationalisation difficult, but no less desirable.  The NSC has responded by introducing new online options which will allow students to be immersed in the languages, literatures and cultures of the UK, all whilst safely remaining in Norway.   The information in these sections relates to study programmes delivered in York, which we hope to return to as soon as it is safe to do so. To find out about our online programmes please view this Short Course Video ( 26,865kb download) from our Director of Studies, Dr Beck Sinar.

The information in this section is designed to give students some basic information about study trips to the NSC, and about coming to York. Prior to your arrival in York, your home institution is your point of contact for information about your trip. Before you arrive, please fill in the Pre-Arrival Registration Form (note you also need to register with your home institution). The NSC offers two main types of short course:

  1. Courses of one or two weeks’ duration for students of English at Norwegian universities and colleges. Most of the teaching will focus on English literature, English language in use, and British culture/current affairs. The programme also often involves excursions, such as a guided tour of some of York’s historic buildings or a theatre experiemce. It may also include project work on York. 
  2. Courses (one or two weeks’ duration) for teachers currently working in the Norwegian school system (in-service, KFK) or students training to be teachers (GLU, MAGLU). In addition to topics on the English language, British culture, and English literature, these courses include sessions on didactics or with a didactic focus. The programme often includes a visit to a local state or private school.  It may also include other excursions, such as to the theatre or local places of interest. 

Content of the courses

The content of all of our short courses are tailored to meet the needs of individual groups and are agreed in advance with the course leader in your Norwegian institution.  All programmes will offer topics across the range of fields in which we teach: language, literature and culture.  Some of the topics might be directly related to what you are currently studying, but others may have been included by your leaders as a useful supplement. You will normally have some teaching from all NSC staff.  On occasion, your course might also include extra sessions from some of our associate staff. To find out more about who we are please click here

Most course schedules also include some excursions as well as some “free time” for you to explore York.  Excursions often need to be paid for separately to the course fee (via your institution).

For teachers and teacher trainees, your leader will likely request a school visit as part of your programme.  These are a valuable part of the programme and are paid for via a slightly increased course fee, currently NOK 200 per student. This covers transportation costs to and from the school, as well as a donation to the school to thank them for their time. The school visit is followed by a feedback session with NSC staff.

A certificate is awarded at the end of the course upon satisfactory attendance and performance during the course.

Further Information

For more information on our York-based short courses, please watch this short presentation by our former Director Erik Tonning (2017-2020). The following sections of our website also contain further information for your time in York:


What our students say

"The teachers were AMAZING. They are so passionate about what they do and their passion is contagious. i give them tens across the board. "

(BA student, Autumn 2018)

"I enjoyed learning about issues not covered in the normal university curriculum"

(BA student, Spring 2019) 

"Absolutely ALL the teachers were enthusiastic and inspiring. I want to come back for more!"
(BA student, Summer 2019)

"The opportunity to get a sort of inside view of British language, culture and politics was fun and educational"
(BA student, Spring 2019)

"I really enjoyed the insight and inspiration of spending an afternoon in an English school"

(GLU student, Summer 2019)

"I LOVED the tour to the Minster and the school visit - really added to the experience"

(GLU, Spring 2019)

"Seeing a Shakespeare play in the UK was something I will never forget - I saw Shakespeare in a whole new way"

(KFK, Spring 2019)

"Teachers are excellent! They provided us with a LOT of materials relevant for our own teaching."

(KFK, Autumn 2018)