Accessibility statement

Fees, funding and other costs

Students on the YorkCourse do not pay any tuition fees in York, but must, of course, meet their own living expenses which are the same as (or less than) in Norway.  Students will be required to pay to join one of the University of York's Colleges (Derwent) for a fee of around £10 per semester.  The NSC currently reimburses students for this fee on arrival in York.

Students on the YorkCourse with School Experience programme, when this can be offered again, will be charged a fee of £200 to cover expenses and a donation to the schools. 

Please note that postgraduate students taking the YorkCourse do not pay fees, but postgraduate students who undertake a semester with either the Department of English and Related Literature or the Department of Language and Linguistic Science will pay fees of around £5000 to the University of York.

Successful applicants to the YorkCourse who are registered on a course in Norway (i.e. are a current student) are entitled to funding (loan and grant) from Lånekassen. Applicants who are not currently students i.e. current teachers should consult Lanekassen and/or their employer to see if they are eligible for any funding.

Students who are Norwegian citizens and who study in the UK for 6 months or less do not have to apply for (or pay for) a UK student visa, or pay a health surcharge. The same applies to students from other countries where the UK does not require application for a visitors' visa. Students with other citizenships (except of course UK citizens), or any student who stays for a full year will have to apply for a student visa. Currently, this costs £350. They will also have to pay a health surcharge for access to the NHS.


As an undergraduate (BA) exchange student, you are likely to be offered accommodation from the University of York on-campus. Postgraduate students will not necessarily receive such an offer, and may need to look for something off-campus. This is usually in either in a house with an English family or in a house which may or may not be shared with other students. You may be able to find something suitable through websites such as or Rightmove . We would assess rental cost currently to be between £100 and £200 per week.

It is possible for you to bring your partner/spouse and/or children with you to York should you so desire, but you should be aware that the costs will, of course, be considerably more. If you need to apply for visas, their applications will entail additional costs


Some comments from our students about their accommodation:

"I live in a house with other YorkCourse students which is very near town. It's a lovely house, in a great location and I'd have paid much more for such a house in Norway."

"I was very happy with my accommodation. I lived with an English woman and found it very useful to practise my English with her. She was the most lovely landlady you could imagine"

"I am very pleased with the accommodation. I am renting a room in a house and get the opportunity to talk English at home."