Accessibility statement

‌‌How to apply

The next course(s): Autumn 2022 (or autumn 2022 + spring 2023)

(Note that following Brexit, study in the UK beyond 6 months requires a Student Visa and payment of a health surcharge).

Applications for autumn 2022 are now open, and will stay open until May 15: you apply through the University of York Visiting Students application pages. All our applications go through the undergraduate site, regardless of whether you apply for the undergraduate or graduate version. If you intend to apply for the graduate version of the course, but do not have the final results from your undergraduate degree at the application deadline (but will by the beginning of the autumn semester), we suggest that you apply for the undergraduate version, but write in your personal statement that you aim to switch to the graduate course - and send in your results and a request to switch levels as soon as your results come in. If you apply for both semesters, note that the NSC spring semester encompasses the University of York Spring and summer terms, so you choose that option for 2023. If you have any query regarding the application process, please contact our Director, Kjetil Myskja, via We also ask that you send a copy of the relevant information in your application (module choices, level, qualifications, documentation of qualifications, motivational letter) to the Director's e-mail, to ensure that the NSC has the information to follow up your application in the University of York system.

An updated step-by-step guide to filling in your application is available here: Application guide autumn 2022 (PDF , 2,048kb)

Please note that since the application site is a general one for all University of York visiting students, it may be difficult to fill in the form correctly if you do not follow the guide. 

 If applying without previous credits in English, a minimum of 90 ECTS in relevant humanities or social science subjects is required, with an average of B in the 50 best credits.



BA Admission requirements (on entry)

The prerequisites for admission to the YorkCourse at the undergraduate (2nd/3rd year BA) level are:

For those studying at a Norwegian University or College:

  • 50 ECTS credits (or more) of English Studies from a University or College with an average of C or over

  • Between 30 and 50 ECTS credits of English Studies from a University or College with an average of B or over  

For applicants to the 'YorkCourse with School Experience' (not currently available):

  • Minimum of 30 ECTS credits in English Studies from a University or College with an average of C or over.

For applicants without any background in English Studies:

  • Minimum of 90 ECTS credits in any relevant Humanities and Social Science subjects, with an average of B or over in your 50 best credits. (Relevance will be decided on an individual basis on application.)

For Norwegian nationals (and other residents of Norway) who are English teachers or can otherwise demonstrate significant professional background in English:

  • The above entrance requirements may be modified. Please contact us with brief details of your experience and qualifications before applying.

 MA admission requirements (on entry)

The prerequisites for admission to the YorkCourse at the master's level:

  • If you are currently studying (or about to undertake) a master's degree in English at a Norwegian institution of higher education you are eligible to apply for the MA level YorkCourse, in either Autumn or Spring. For those in 5-year GLU/Lektor programmes, you need to be in year 4 or 5 of your cycle to be admitted on the MA level YorkCourse.
  • Alternatively, you might be interested in applying to study part of your MA at the University of York (Department of Linguistic Science or Department of English and Related Literature) in the Spring term only (fees apply).

If you think you might be interested in the future, why not get in touch and we can send you reminders of application deadlines and other information.  Email and/or follow us on Facebook or Twitter @nsc_york.