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Kevin Brendan Martinez Murphy, YorkCourse Student 2017-18  

If you are ever given the opportunity to attend a semester or two here, do it

I’ve now spent my last two semesters at the NSC in York, and It’s been the best semesters of my bachelor’s program by far. If you are ever given the opportunity to attend a semester or two here, do it, and here’s why:

The NSC is situated at one of the most prestigious universities in Britain, where you will have all the resources of the University of York at your disposal. The staff at the NSC are experienced, knowledgeable, and extremely good at what they do – they truly are the Cream of the Crop. The stressful ordeal of studying for, and sitting through exams are dropped as you are instead given the task of writing essays for final submissions. If that’s not enough, you will get the chance to work closely with your tutors who provide valuable feedback, will follow you up on any work you need help with, and will greet you with open arms for a chat or any odd questions you might have for them. If the excellent scholastic offer doesn’t intrigue you, then the City of York will! From the enthralling narrow streets of The Shambles, to the ancient and majestic walls that encircle the historic city, its beauty will captivate all who visits it. It is not only famous for its history though, as with the shopping streets and many bars and pubs scattered around every corner of every street, the City has all you need. If this still is not enough to persuade you, York is practically in the middle of Britain, and a quick train ride will take you to Edinburgh, London, and any other of the amazing cities and sites around the isle. I strongly encourage anyone studying within the field of English to apply for this course. You will not regret it!


 Sofie Birgitte Anderson, YorkCourse Student Spring 2018

This is probably the closest you will ever get to studying at Hogwarts


This is probably the closest you will ever get to studying at Hogwarts. In seminars you get to voice your own thoughts and opinions about texts or topics. Contributing in seminars is challenging, but also very rewarding. The tutors are very enthusiastic about their subjects. Their detailed and constructive feedback on essays has taught me a lot about writing.

Doing a semester abroad has been an incredible experience, and I am very glad I decided to do it in York. The atmosphere in York is something special and the supporting environment at the NSC has made the challenges with studying abroad easier. The University of York offers a wide selection of societies for its students, and I recommend anyone going to York to find a society. My weekly York Inklings meetings have been inspiring and exciting, and has allowed me to get to know UoY students outside the NSC.