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The YorkCourse with School Experience

(This option is not available in Autumn 2020 due to COVID-19. Students can still write essays for the course in a pedagogy/didactics topic. The minimum 30 ECTS in English will be standard for all applications for Autumn 2020.)

Norwegian students in teacher training courses and in-service teachers are invited to apply for the YorkCourse with School Experience.

  • You will complete up to 10 days of school observation and interaction with pupils and teachers in our two partner schools. These are both primary schools (ages 4-11), but English as taught to native speakers corresponds to higher levels in Norwegian schools, and awareness of cultural differences in pedagogy is relevant to teachers on all levels.
  • This programme will be fully documented by the NSC so that you can apply for accreditation of your School Experience in York as ‘teaching practice’ in your Norwegian home institution. (Please note this is up to the individual institution in Norway and cannot be guaranteed by the NSC. Make sure you contact your institution in advance of applying.)
  • You will write one of your module essays (3500-5000 words) in either Linguistics or Culture on a pedagogy (‘didactics’) subject relating to your course. This can draw on your School Experience, but it can also have a different focus: there is considerable freedom to shape your topic. If you need to complete an ‘FOU oppgave’ as part of your teacher training course, you can check the possibility of getting this essay approved as such in your Norwegian home institution.
  • The entrance requirement for the YorkCourse with School Experience is easier in order to fit with Norwegian teacher training programmes. On entry to the course, you will need to have completed 30 ECTS (studiepoeng) in English, with an average of C or higher. See the 'How to Apply' section for more information.
  • As a YorkCourse with School Experience student you will complete all three course modules, in Linguistics, Culture, and Literature, on the undergraduate level. See this link for more information.
  • Please note you will need a valid police clearance (dated within last three months) to access the School Experience.
  • A fee of £200 per student will be charged to cover expenses and a donation to the partner schools. (Please note: For the Spring 2020 course only the fee will be waived, so do not miss this opportunity, apply now!)