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Research people

CRESJ researchers

Name Research interests

Dr Zoe Baker

Higher Education; sociology of education; widening participation; care-experience; transitions. 

Dr Claire Ball-Smith

The professional development of teachers in training and in the early years of their career; the coaching and mentoring of professional programme students; history education and pedagogy; hermeneutic approaches to education; LGBTQ+ experiences of teachers and students in schools

Dr Clémentine Beauvais

Discourses surrounding child precocity; politics, ideology and social issues in children's literature; philosophy of education

Dr Eleanor Brown

International development education; critical pedagogies; international volunteering; non-formal learning; global citizenship education

Dr Anna Bull

 Sexual harassment in higher education; class and gender inequalities in classical music education. 

Dr Constantino Dumangane Jr

Intersectionalities of race, class, gender, faith, equity, equality, migration & pedagogy in education

Dr Lynda Dunlop

Science education, teacher education, philosophy for children

Dr Sally Hancock

Higher education policy; access and widening participation; doctoral education

Dr Daniel Kyereko

Migration and education in Africa; Inclusion; marginalization; International development education 

Dr Daniel McArthur

The relationship between education and economic inequalities; the role of geography in shaping educational inequalities, and the consequences of school reforms for political attitudes

Paula Mountford

Thinking Skills, AFL and Citizenship

Dr Amanda Naylor

 English education - literature and language, teaching poetry, teacher education

Dr Bukola Oyinloye

School-family relationships, childhood and  youth studies, informal apprenticeships, ethics, education system governance 

Catherine Shawyer

Language and literature and social justice

Professor Vanita Sundaram

Equity and social justice; Gender; Inclusion

Dr Liz Thomas

Equity in higher education. Access, student success, inclusive learning and teaching, institutional change. Evaluation using programme theory evaluation tools, such as logic chains and theory of change

Professor Paul Wakeling

Higher education; Inequality; Social class; Postgraduate education

Dr Reva Yunus

Sociology of education; childhood and youth studies; informal/precarious work, economic inequality and gendered labour; urban change and marginality; political economy of education; citizenship, nationalism and modern state

Associate members

Name Affiliation
Professor Matt Baillie Smith Director of the Centre of International Development, Northumbria University
Dr Richard Budd Lecturer in Higher Education, Lancaster University
Dr Velda Elliott Associate Professor of English and Literacy Education, University of Oxford
Professor Becky Francis Professor of Education and Social Justice, King's College, London; Director designate of the University College London Institute of Education
Janet Gibbs Department of Education Studies, University of Hull
Dr Mark Griffiths School of Geography, Politics and Sociology, Newcastle University
William Harnden Director of the Karen Hilltribes Trust
Professor Norio Ikeno Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University
Professor Carolyn Jackson Department of Educational Research, Lancaster University
Professor David Jesson Associate member of CRESJ
Dr Nick McGuinn Honorary Visiting fellow
Nik Miller Chief Executive, the Bridge Group
Estelle Morris Baroness Morris of Yardley
Professor Maria Nikolajeva Professor of Education, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge
Professor Carla L. Peck Associate Professor of Social Studies Education, University of Alberta
Alex Quigley Director of Learning and Research and English Teacher, Huntington School, York
Professor Jasmine Sim Associate Professor, National Institute of Education, Singapore
Dr Anna Zimmerman University of Sao Paulo

Research students

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