Accessibility statement

Research themes

Researchers in the Centre for Research on Education and Social Justice work with international colleagues on projects focusing on a wide range of topics encompassed by the themes listed below:

Access and achievement

  • Access to education in a range of contexts
  • Access to education for a variety of learners
  • Attainment, achievement and social justice


  • Education and marginalised groups
  • Special educational needs

Sexuality, gender and education

  • Gender and education
  • Violence and education
  • Sex and relationships education

Citizenship education

  • Global education
  • Political literacy
  • Education for community involvement
  • Social and moral education


  • Equity in education
  • The influence of factors such as age, gender, ethnicity on access to education

Social Mobility

  • The relationship between education and social mobility
  • Educational expansion and educational inequality
  • Social class and stratification

Higher Education

  • Progression to postgraduate study
  • Widening participation in higher education
  • Inequalities at tertiary level

Literacy, literature and social justice

  • Analysing language in education
  • Analysing literature in education