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CRD staff photo 2019

CRD staff

Lesley Stewart
Amanda Sowden
Deputy Director
Research staff    

Sumayya Anwer
Research Fellow

Alexis Llewellyn 
Research Fellow

Mark Rodgers 
Research Fellow

Lucy Beresford
Research Training Fellow

Theo Lorenc
Research Fellow

Sahar Sharif
Research Fellow

Jennifer Brown 
Research Fellow

David Marshall
Research Fellow

Mark Simmonds
Senior Research Fellow

Rachel Churchill
Professor in Evidence Synthesis

William McGuire
Professor of Child Health

Emily South
Research Fellow

Lindsay Claxton
Research Fellow in Health Economics

Nick Meader
Research Fellow
Sian Thomas
Research Fellow

Mark Corbett
Research Fellow

Hollie Melton 
Research Fellow

Noortje Uphoff
Research Fellow

Peter Coventry
Senior Lecturer in Health Services 

Jess Morgan
NIHR Clinical Lecturer

Ros Wade
Research Fellow

Sofia Dias 
Professor in Health Technology

Peter Murphy
Research Fellow

Ruth Walker
Research Fellow

Alison Eastwood 
Professor of Research

Bob Phillips 
Senior Clinical Academic Fellow

Verena Walsh
Academic Clinical Fellow

Robert Hodgson
Health Economist

Gary Raine
Research Fellow
Matthew Walton
Research Fellow

Claire Khouja 
Research Fellow

Lindsay Robertson
Research Fellow

Nerys Woolacott
Reader Emerita
Visiting staff

Federico Bertolini
Visiting Fellow

Sam Oddie
Visiting Fellow in KT
Chris Watts
Visiting Cochrane Training Fellow
Ian Maconochie
Visiting Fellow
Information staff    

Melissa Harden
Information Specialist

Kath Wright
Information Service Manager

Administrative staff    

Vanda Castle
Departmental Manager

Jess Hendon 
Managing Editor (CCMD)

Georgina MacKenzie 
PROSPERO Project Manager

Connor Evans
Research Project Support Officer
& Database Coordinator

Lesley Indge
Database Coordinator

Susan Sutton
Database Coordinator & Administrative Assistant  

Helen Gray
Finance & Project Support Assistant