A winning smile

Posted on Monday 4 September 2017

Congratulations to CRD’s Dr Bob Phillips who has been announced as the winner of the 2017 NIHR Let’s Get Digital competition photo category.

2017 Psychodermatology best poster award

Posted on Wednesday 2 August 2017

“Hyperhidrosis quality-of-life measures: review and patient perspective”, a poster by CRD researchers and colleagues at Newcastle Institute of Health and Society, has recently won the Psychodermatology best poster prize at the 2017 British Association of Dermatologists annual meeting.

Dismal prognosis of brain stem glioma confirmed by new systematic review

Posted on Wednesday 5 July 2017

Knowing more about the outcome of a condition, and what features may change that outcome, can be important for those affected. It also enables the identification of clues for developing new therapies. Dr Hadeel Hassan, a children's doctor and previous NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow in HYMS and CRD, undertook a systematic review to examine the outcome for children with an aggressive type of brain tumour - brainstem glioma.

Guidelines to prevent nausea and vomiting in paediatric cancer patients

Posted on Tuesday 20 June 2017

The collaborative work of the Centre can make a real difference to patients and researchers, but it might take a few years to come to fruition.

Meta-review on support for carers

Posted on Tuesday 4 April 2017

The latest report from our Evidence Synthesis Centre has been published, an updated meta-review (review of reviews) of evidence on support for carers.

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