Derwent nucleus 505

Derwent's central social space and large residential blocks

Freshers scavenger hunt 2009 2 505

New members on arrivals day 2009

New Friends - F Block Freshers at Derwith Sports day 2009 505

New friends - F block residents at the Freshers sports day

Alumni and students in the sun - Derwent Old Boys/Girls weekend 2009

Students and alumni at Derwent Old Boys/Girls weekend 2009

Little D 2009 Moira Nicolson on obstacle course

Little D - Derwent's summer fete

Ceilidh Derwent Day Nov 2009 - Greg, alumni and students

Greg Dyke and other alumni dance with students

Derwent Sports social 505

Derwent sports social 2010

About the College

Derwent's unique character owes much to the original design of the college and to the activism of its students, which together have fostered a strong college identity.

Located in the parkland of the Heslington west campus next to the lake and Heslington Hall, Derwent College was one of the first colleges to open in 1965. The original design of the college aimed to create an integrated academic community of staff and students. Staff flats and student bedrooms were located in large residential blocks around a nucleus of social and academic spaces.

The success of the original design in facilitating sociability and a sense of community is still evident, despite numerous changes over the years. The large residential blocks foster extensive social networks, while the Dining Hall remains at the heart of college identity and the best event venue on campus. Derwent students organise the biggest and best social events on campus. 

Derwent's sociability lead to high levels of participation in volunteering, charity fundraising, sports and performance bringing together Derwent students across disciplines and years. Derwent's sense of community extends beyond our current students to alumni, dozens of whom return each year to engage with current students. 

We look forward to welcoming you into our community.

Derwent Shield

Derwent is irreverent and lively ... everyone wants to be part of Derwent

Ron Weir, Provost 1980-2009

Ron Weir
Provost 1980-2009