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York Internships

My business has really benefited from working with the University of York Internship and Placements team. The team is super friendly and very helpful throughout the process of finding the perfect intern. We've had several outstanding students assist us on a range of projects and their work has helped us to grow in new and exciting ways.

Bethany Watrous, Founder of Experience Heritage


York Internships (formerly known as the Student Internship Bureau) offers employers large and small the opportunity to engage the skills and enthusiasm of the University's students and graduates to support one-off specialist projects: from software development, to B Corp applications, to social media support. Our process is business focused, cost-effective and admin light, with full time, part time, hybrid, in person and remote formats all supported.

The York Internships team manages the full recruitment and payment administration on your behalf, so there is no need to hire the intern on your own books. If you are interested in hosting an intern and would like to discuss our offer in more detail, please contact us via email at to arrange a telephone call or online conversation. 

Alternatively, download and complete one of our Expression of Interest forms below and email this to

York Internships External EOI 2023 to 2024 (MS Word , 80kb)

* York Internships External Santander EOI 2023-2024 (MS Word , 106kb)

York Internships Internal Department EOI 2023-2024 (MS Word , 86kb)

* This form is for SMEs and charities interested in part-funded Santander internships (please read the funding information below). 

What is an internship?

We consider an internship to be a project-based, high-quality piece of work, which can be completed within a defined period of time. 

Projects should provide clear and tangible outcomes for the intern and your organisation, and should be of an appropriate standard and nature. 

Virtual Internships

We also support Virtual internships, which interns complete remotely from the business host. 

They can largely be completed on a flexible basis without the need for regular face to face supervision which allows the intern to get on with the project in hand and the supervisor to get on with their day to day work.

Examples of the types of projects that have been completed on a virtual basis recently by University of York students include Digital Marketing, Social Media Management, Research, Business Development and Analysis. Read more about some of the tasks associated with these roles.

We have hints and tips to support businesses during recruitment, selection and the duration of the virtual project.

Internship costs

The cost of both business and university internships is £13.50 p/h, inclusive of the student’s wage (£12.00 p/h in line with the University's real living wage commitment) and employer on costs (£1.50 p/h, inclusive of holiday pay, apprenticeship levy and NI)

For university internships the department is expected to cover the cost of University pay increases, should these occur during the course of the internship

Please note that for full-time internships, we will work on the assumption that any bank holidays that occur over the course of the project will be paid as normal unless informed otherwise

Funding: please see the 'Funding for SMEs tab" for more information. 

Funding for SMEs

Santander Universities SME Internship Programme

The University of York is a recognised partner of Santander Universities and participates in the Santander Universities SME Internship Programme. Thanks to the generous support from Santander, we are delighted to be able to offer a number of subsidies to SME businesses between June-September 2024.

This support is designed to increase the opportunities for businesses to engage with the skills and enthusiasm of University of York current students, finalists and graduates in part funded internships.

SME organisations must be registered in the UK with fewer than 250 employees and have an annual turnover of less than £50 million to be eligible for the funding. 

Intern projects can be between 4-12 weeks in duration and can be full or part time over the summer. 

Funding is applied at 50% of the total cost of the project up to a maximum of £750 per organisation.

Interns are paid £12.00 per hour. This rate is subject to £1.50 per hour employer on costs (inclusive of holiday pay, apprenticeships levy, and NI) also to be paid by the business.

Cost Example:

A 6 week, part time (18 hrs p/wk) internship at £13.50 per hour totals £1458. The SME would receive 50% funding towards the total cost of the project. The cost to the SME would be £729.

An 8 week full time (37 hrs p/wk) internship at £13.50 per hour totals £3996. The SME would receive £750 funding towards the total cost of the project. The cost to the SME would be £3246.

*please note the student receives £12.00 per hour. The above rates include employer on costs.

For updates on available funding, please contact 


York Internships - Business Engagement Process

Step One - Project Scoping

Engage with York Internships to discuss your ideas for an internship, the scope of the project and the skills and experience required to achieve your outcomes. Download and complete one of the Expression of Interest Forms linked above; York Internships will prepare a project brief which forms the basis of the advert the students see.

Step Two - Advertising

Once the project brief is agreed and confirmed, the opportunity will be advertised through our Careers Portal, Handshake, for a minimum of two weeks. York Internships will monitor applications throughout this period and publicise the internship through various marketing channels appropriate to your particular role

Step Three - Shortlisting and Interviews

When advertising is completed we will shortlist the applications and provide you with the applications of the most suitable candidates. Once you’ve reviewed the applications you may contact some or all of the candidates to arrange interviews at your convenience. (We are happy to provide interview space on campus if needed.)

Keep York Internships informed along the way of interview dates agreed and provide some feedback for unsuccessful applicants. Advise us of your decision once you’ve chosen your intern and provide additional feedback to unsuccessful interviewees

Confirm to York Internships the agreement made with the student regarding a start date, hours / days of work and any flexible working arrangements if applicable (especially for part time roles)

Step Four - Right to Work checks and Paperwork

The University will complete Right To Work checks and York Internships will prepare the paperwork for both you and the intern to sign. Once the project starts York Internships manages the payment process to the intern on a monthly basis.

Step Five - Invoicing (external hosts)

York Internships will invoice you, during the internship, for the total cost of the project (including associated employer on costs) less any Santander funding agreed in advance that is applicable.

York Internships will contact you in the first couple of weeks of the project to ensure that everything is progressing as expected. Interns may be visited in the workplace during the project and an evaluation will be sent electronically to all intern hosts at the end of the project.

Past projects

Previous projects, which have produced significant benefits for the hosting company, have included:

  • Establishing a China desk and creating the content for an inward investment page for a chartered accountant's website in Mandarin and English by two of our international students.
  • Researching, developing and implementing a more comprehensive customer outreach and engagement plan for a heating and renewable energy company.
  • Investigating the removal of chemicals from hard surfaces by rainfall and washing for a research agency.
  • Executive assistant to senior management team for a mental healthcare provider, creating an electronic record of serious incidents and ensuing investigations.
  • Carrying out detailed household surveys with a housing trust's residents to ascertain household characteristics, circumstances and their awareness of key issues. 

International talent

Did you know that just over 20% of the University of York's student population come from outside the UK, from almost 100 countries across the world? Many international students are actively seeking work experience and internship opportunities both to develop their skills and knowledge in the workplace, and to contribute to UK business' competitive advantage in the global market.

Contact York Internships to discuss how the University's international student population can drive your business forward this year! Email or call 01904 324468.

Previous University of York interns have undertaken a wide range of projects with companies in York and the North Yorkshire region, giving businesses a unique insight into overseas markets, and for potential import and export activities. Example projects include:

  • Multilingual web content translation project: Executive search agency
  • Establishing an inward investment China Desk in York: Accountancy firm
  • Researching the latest products being used and marketed abroad, and their success and viability in the UK: Renewable energy company
  • Organising a business summit for international visitors to York: Conference business
  • Developing a market report exploring the opportunities for export to the Far East: Food manufacturer 

Case study: Developing a China desk in York

Garbutt & Elliott LLP engaged two Chinese postgraduate students, Jingwen Feng and Xu Wang, to develop a China Desk for the company and to create content for an inward investment web page in Mandarin.

Garbutt & Elliott Senior Partner, David Dickson, commented that, ‘Jingwen’s and Xu’s outstanding commitment has enabled us to begin development of a reputation as a trusted advisor to Chinese firms investing in the UK. It is important for world-class universities such as the University of York to demonstrate the great opportunities available to students by taking on internships in companies with vision.’


Internal UoY Staff Only

Internship projects

Internships hosted by Academic and Professional Service departments on campus will be available over summer 2024 vacation. Intern projects are between four and twelve weeks in duration and can be completed full time or part time.

They centre on projects with defined outcomes which will add value to the work of the department, and do not replace or ‘stand in’ for existing, regular work.

All internships should be project based and offer tangible benefits to the department while providing challenging and graduate-level work experience to the student, allowing them the opportunity to develop and build skills.

Projects can start from Monday 10 June and must be completed by Monday 16 September.

Rates and administration

The current intern rate of pay is £12.00 per hour (in line with the University's real living wage commitment. The cost to the department is £13.50 per hour to allow for employer on-costs (inclusive of holiday pay, apprenticeship levy and NI). 

The full administration and payment of the internships will be managed by Careers and Placements. 

Departments should be aware that they will need to provide Careers and Placements with a workorder for their internship contribution; this will be requested at the point of advertising a project, and departments should ensure that they have authorised Careers and Placements to be able to use the workorder; without this authorisation intern payments will be delayed. At the earliest opportunity in the internship process, please ensure that you read this important information about how internal internship costs are arranged.

Previous intern projects have involved:

  • designing activities to enhance student engagement
  • creating online outreach and learning activities for local schools
  • auditing marketing channels and creating new content to support departmental outreach and recruitment
  • evaluating inclusion and diversity in the curriculum
  • reviewing the accessibility of learning resources 
  • providing research assistance and data analysis support for existing projects


There is Access and Participation (APP) funding to cover up to 50 per cent of the cost of a project. Each department can express an interest in accessing funding for up to two interns.

Alternatively, departments are able to recruit student interns using their own funding on the condition that this expenditure has been approved by their Management Accountant. Departments are very welcome to submit more than two projects if they wish to fund from their own resources.

YCEDE Research Internships

As a member of the Yorkshire Consortium for Equity in Doctoral Education (YCEDE) the University has access to resources to support ten fully funded undergraduate research internships. Each internship should provide insight into the day-to-day experience of postgraduate research; enabling the participants to gain the confidence and skills that will enhance both their CVs and any future postgraduate applications.

YCEDE funded projects are open to applications from undergraduate and postgraduate taught students from the universities of York, Bradford, Sheffield, Sheffield Hallam and Leeds, who are from BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) backgrounds. Due to the funding criteria please be aware that only UK students are eligible to apply. Any suitable project is potentially eligible to receive funding, however, departments are invited to consider how the student’s lived experience might influence the terms of reference for any specific project they might be considering. Administered through Careers and Placements, YCEDE funded projects should be scheduled for a maximum of 222 hours at some point in the summer vacation period. Please note that this funding is additional to APP supported projects; it is therefore possible to submit a project idea even if your department has already requested its allocation of internships under the APP budget.

How to apply

APP funding will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis. YCEDE project applications will be reviewed after 31 March and funding allocated at that point; Successful YCEDE project hosts will then be informed of the application outcome. 

The full recruitment process can take up to six weeks in total. The above deadlines allow for this.

If you have any questions please email the Placements Team at

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