BioArCh: a facility for bioarchaeology at York 

BioArch rotating images no 3 / SBlock common room

BioArch rotating images no 4 / examination skelton

Contact details:

Director of BioArCh:
Dr Oliver Craig

Laboratory Technician:
Matthew von Tersch

Josie Thomas


Environment Building
Wentworth Way
YO10 5DD

BioArCh has a unique concentration of expertise in human palaeoecology and environmental archaeology, with internationally recognised strengths in proteins, lipids, DNA and stable isotopes, human and other mammal and bird bones, molluscs, soils, microscopic remains of plants and animals.

A collaborative research facility formed by the Archaeology, Biology and Chemistry Departments, BioArCh is located in the Envrionment Building on the Heslington West campus.

Research covers prehistoric and historic themes, forging stronger and more diverse links between laboratory and field.

The Centre for Anatomical and Human Sciences adds skills in primate and human anatomy to our range of expertise, ably supported by three Emeritus Professors. It is also setting up new challenges for our understanding of the interplay of ontogenetic patterning and physical loading in skeletal morphology.

If you are interested in using the services in the facility please contact the Administrator, Josie Thomas.

Academic visitors must approach a member of BioArch staff or the director to check arrangements for any work they intend to do within the facilities.