As part of our twinning with the Karazin Kharkiv National University (KKNU), the University of York offers Spring and Summer School programmes for staff and students from KKNU. Some programmes are delivered in partnership with CITY College, University of York Europe Campus with funding from the University of York. Others are delivered online or in-person by departments at the University of York. 

Supporting staff and students

Starting in summer 2022, these residential school programmes intend to offer support to academics and students during the ongoing conflict.

Although the focus of each school may vary, each one aims to give staff and students a chance to nurture their academic skills, helping to mitigate the study time they have lost.

CITY College programme

Previously, the CITY College team have delivered sessions for teachers on Academic English and Digital skills, and lessons on English and Academic skills for students.

A group of students taking part in the KKNU and CITY College summer school sit in a classroom.

Taking place at the CITY College, University of York Europe Campus in Thessaloniki, participants can get involved with a variety of engagement activities, giving them a full cultural experience and some much-needed respite.