Committees and groups

The Web Office participates in a number of working groups and committees around the University. It services the following:

Web Forum

Web Forum is a termly meeting for Departmental Web Officers. If you build web pages for the University, there's lots of help and advice for web authors on this site.

Members of the Web Office participate in these committees:


The Strategic Information Projects Implementation Group oversees a number of projects including the Web Redevelopment Project.

Computing Committee

Computing Committee, a sub-group of Information Strategy Group, is a user group comprising Departmental Computing Officers, focusing on practical as well as strategic issues.

E-Accessibility Forum

E-Accessibility Forum is a user group for staff responsible for giving advice on how to provide information in an electronic format.

Web Committee

Web Committee was formally wound up in October 2009, as its work had been superceded by other groups. Committee minutes are still available as a public record.

Committees and groups

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