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Organise a reunion

This year marks our 60th anniversary and we would love to welcome you back to campus! 

Whether it be to see your old stomping ground, or celebrating a significant milestone with friends, we want to help make your visit a memorable one. 

Planning a visit to campus? Get in touch and we can:

  • Advertise your visit to your cohort of alumni who may like to join you

  • Coordinate a tour of campus with a current student to show you how campus has changed since you were last here. (Please note, this is only possible during term time and dependent on student availability)

We understand that it isn't always possible for members of our global alumni community to make it back to York in person. So we've also created online reunions; a zoom event to catch up with former classmates from your subject of study. If this is something you'd be interested in, please email  with; your full name (at point of graduation), the class you were a part of and your subject of study. Please note, we ask for a minimum of 10 people per online reunion for us to be able to support it

Get in touch

Want to explore the parts of campus that mean the most to you?

Why not try one of our self-guided trails and find some familiar as well as new parts of campus: 

  • If nature is what you’re looking for, why not check out our tree trails featuring both Native and non-Native trees across campus. With one of our trails featuring more than 50 varieties of trees for you to spot. 
  • You could follow the YorActive trail which goes round both Campus East and Campus West. It is a 5km route with outdoor gym equipment along the way. Open 24 hours a day and completely free to use, you can run, walk or cycle the route. 
  • Or, you might like to download a self-guided walking tour of the campus to acquaint yourself with the familiar and not so familiar landmarks of the campus. 

What's on in York?

Campus has a thriving community with a wide variety of events and activities open to alumni both on campus and in the City.

Want to stay on campus again?

York conferences offer bed and breakfast accommodation options on campus so you don’t have to venture far.

And, if all of that exploring and reminiscing leaves you needing refreshment, we have you covered. Campus has a wide range of food and drink options across our site. Profits from some of our food and drink outlets on campus are reinvested to build a fantastic student experience, including investment in societies, sports clubs and developing facilities around the University. So you can feel even better about your nibbles too!

We'd love to see your photos too! Contact us on:

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