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Health and Wellbeing

Our academic community is working to reduce health inequalities in Yorkshire and around the globe.

From cutting-edge bio-medical research to advancing our understanding of mental health, we are wholly dedicated to the betterment of health and wellbeing on a global scale.

At the University of York we are prioritising health and wellbeing as part of our philanthropic efforts, emphasizing the crucial need for support in areas such as mental health and health sciences. By investing in these causes, we aim to foster a healthier society and drive innovations that improve lives locally and internationally.

Mental Health at York

Mental health is crucial for vibrant, thriving communities. It supports happy, productive lives and fosters inclusive, compassionate societies. 

At York we understand this. We have a long history of world leading mental health research which has delivered a greater understanding of and support for mental health challenges. This research enables people to live better lives every day.

Your support enables us to promote good mental health and help individuals achieve their full potential.

30 Mental Health Nursing Scholarships

awarded since 2019

69,000+ hours

done in placements by our Mentally Fit York scholars

100% of scholars

surveyed said the scholarship had significant impact for them

As a University for public good, our researchers draw on academic excellence coupled with bold, creative thinking to change lives for the better.

Professor Matthias Ruth, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Research

student stood in front of some artwork

Louise Tolston, Mentally Fit York Nursing Scholar

Mental health affects everything we do.

The Mentally Fit York fund is great for helping people reach their potential, overcome adversity and barriers. It made the biggest difference and the fact that people willing to  have faith in me gave me such a boost.

If I could speak to mental health donors, I think I’d express how thankful I was for them believing in me and mental health in general, because mental health affects everybody. Even if you don't experience mental illness, you will know somebody who has, or you will know somebody who will and more mental health professionals means we can achieve better overall mental health.

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IMRY: The Institute of Mental Health Research at York

The Institute of Mental Health Research epitomises our determination here at the University of York to bring together ambitious, enquiring academics and students with partners working at the forefront of mental health. 

We also bring together external partners and beneficiaries who have a vested interest in mental health to improve mental health in the region and beyond.

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Support Health and Wellbeing at York

York Biomedical Research Institute

Drawing researchers together to drive fundamental research in biomedical and clinical science.

Mentally Fit York

Mentally Fit York is the University's fund to transform mental health on a local, national and international scale.

The Great York Walk

Challenge yourself and walk around York to transform mental health for everyone.