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Removing Gaps in Opportunity

We're committed to removing gaps in access, progression and success for young people.

Not everyone has the equal opportunity to access education or to realise their own potential to succeed.

At the University of York, closing gaps in education is both a philanthropic mission and a strategic priority. We are dedicated to creating change, ensuring that all students and young people across our region have the opportunity to thrive regardless of the barriers they may face to their education whether that looks like University or not.


We need your support, to together create a fairer society where nobody's opportunities are limited by their postcode or cirumstances.

Supporting communities in our region and widening access to education is important to us, and part of our founding values as a university for public good.

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Education is a stepping stone that puts you on a level playing field with people who come from all different walks of life. I would never have experienced going to one of the top universities in the UK or had the amazing experience of being a student at York without others understanding the importance of university to open up horizons for people and allow them to see how far they can go. If my donors had not thought of helping someone else and paid their experience forward, I would never have been in this position.

Natasha, Law student

How you can support our work

University of Opportunity

Supporting students to meet their potential in a learning environment that is accessible to all.

Reducing gaps in educational attainment

Working with the wider community to improve access to university.


Providing paid positions within technical and research projects to widen participation and develop the next generation of scientists.