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Entrepreneurial and Responsible Leadership

The University of York is defining what it means to be an ethical leader in society today.

Our mission is to support the future leaders of society, fostering a new generation of entrepreneurs who will revolutionise industries and drive innovation forward.

Through our scholarship and leadership initiatives, we are helping to shape these leaders, including the next cohort of entrepreneurs.

Empowering the next generation of leaders is at the heart of what we do.

By bringing together regional businesses, entrepreneurs, students and researchers, we are nurturing enterprise and talent to help small businesses grow.

Our collaborative approach brings together a diverse range of stakeholders - from regional businesses to budding entrepreneurs, students, and dedicated researchers.

By leveraging the unique strengths and perspectives of each group, we create opportunities for knowledge exchange, skill enhancement, and cross-sector collaboration, ultimately helping small businesses expand and thrive in a competitive market landscape.

We have a moment in time to not only reaffirm our commitment to innovation and entrepreneurship but to redefine it. I want to give every encouragement to York students and staff and community members to grasp the opportunity to innovate, to be progressive, to create new ideas, and find new solutions to the world’s problems. By doing this, we will create a new generation of entrepreneurial leaders.

Professor Kiran Trehan, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Partnerships and Engagement, University of York

man giving a talk at an Enterprise Works event

Enterprise Works

Driven by the expertise of the University of York; Enterprise Works is a new business hub in York that helps businesses to grow and drives social change by encouraging and supporting entrepreneurial activity.

With your help, we can provide students, staff and local and regional businesses a package of support to help test ideas and to build up experience in business.

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The Entrepreneurs Pledge

Our Entrepreneurs Pledge is designed to enable entrepreneurs to support the University at a time that's right for you. It empowers you to support a cause that is meaningful to you at a key point in your journey and also benefit from access to campus resources such as recruitment, visibility, peer networking and the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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