Peer-assisted learning (PAL)

PAL provides an opportunity for cross-year support whereby higher-year students are fully trained to lead small collaborative study groups (6-12 students) of lower-year peers. Embedded within a module and based on learning through exploratory discussion, sessions are structured around encouraging discussion and critical thinking rather than delivering new material.  

Research evidence shows that PAL helps to aid new student transition into university study, helps PAL Leaders develop skills in leadership, communication and teamwork and helps both participants and leaders in consolidating their knowledge and gaining deeper conceptual understanding.

To support the development of PAL groups at York, The Learning Enhancement team (ASO) provides a PAL Framework which helps with:  

Stage 1 - Planning 

Stage 2 - Communication of PAL purpose and rationale 

Stage 3 - Advertising and recruitment of a PAL Coordinator and PAL Leaders 

Stage 4 -  PAL Coordinator and PAL Leader training 

Stage 5 - Supporting and monitoring PAL

Stage 6 - Evaluating PAL

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