Accessibility statement

Changes to normal operation in the Ron Cooke Hub

Posted on 17 April 2023

On Wednesday 19 and Thursday 20 April some spaces in the Ron Cooke Hub will be out of use due to a live broadcasting of Question Time.

On Thursday 20 April, a live broadcast will be taking place from the atrium of the Ron Cooke Hub in the evening. Due to this, there will be some changes to the use of the space during this time and part of the day before. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Detailed information is included below.

  • The Ron Cooke Hub Café will operate as normal on both days, with the usual opening hours.

  • The set for the filming will start to be rigged from 12 noon on Wednesday 19 April and throughout Thursday 20 April; de-rig will take place on the evening of Thursday 20 April. Therefore, during these times there will be restricted access to the Ron Cooke Hub atrium but there will still be access to the reception desk until 5pm on Thursday 20 April after which time the reception will be relocated to the Piazza building.

  • If you are based in the old DC Labs offices which are accessed via the atrium, access to these offices on both days will only be via the corridor that runs behind the 3Sixty from the back-door foyer and through a screened-off corridor in the Exhibition Room.

  • The second-floor study area will be closed during the day on Thursday 20 April due to cables being laid across the floor.

  • Access will remain in place to the Lakehouse Room and from the study deck/Lakehouse Room to the lift and disabled toilet (mats and ramps will be in place to cover trailing cables).

  • There will be access to the prayer rooms on the second-floor as normal on Wednesday 19 April and until 5pm on Thursday 20 April, after which time alternative prayer rooms have been arranged in the Piazza building (PZA/021 Women’s Prayer Room; PZA/023 Men’s Prayer Room).

  • Between 5pm and 11pm on Thursday 20 April, the Ron Cooke Hub Reception will be relocated to the Piazza reception.

  • The Anne Lister College reception will be open until 11pm on the evening of Thursday 20 April to help students from only David Kato and Anne Lister Colleges who are locked-out of their rooms. All other reception queries, and students locked-out from other Colleges should go to the Piazza reception desk.

  • From 7pm on Thursday 20 April there will be no access to the building via either the front or back doors, although anyone still in the building after this time will be able to leave via the back door.