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Rollout of OneDrive to all staff

Posted on 11 September 2023

We will be rolling out OneDrive to all staff on Tuesday 19 September.

If you have received a Windows managed laptop within the last three years, you will already have OneDrive and the OneDrive app installed on your device.

Why are we doing this?

OneDrive allows staff to backup their document, desktop and picture folders on their Windows managed device and then access them using OneDrive on a different device. Staff members who don't use Windows devices can use OneDrive if they use Microsoft 365 applications such as Word.

Using OneDrive is a fast and secure way to access files in different places.

How does this affect you?

  • no action is required from you - OneDrive will be automatically enabled on your device on Tuesday 19 September
  • Google will continue to be our primary workspace and you should continue to use Google apps and share files via shared Google Drives>
  • when using the Microsoft 365 Desktop suite of applications, eg Word, your default save location will now be OneDrive

Microsoft forms

We will be turning off access to Microsoft Forms on Tuesday 19 September. Please use alternative survey tools.

For more information, visit the OneDrive web page or contact IT support.