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Bookmark the IT status page

Posted on 4 September 2023

Although we work hard to minimise interruptions to IT across the University, sometimes our key services do experience disruptions

If things aren’t running as they should be, make sure to check the IT status page. This page is available for everyone at the University to use to check whether a disruption to a service is University wide, before you log it with the IT support team. We will also add scheduled maintenance to our key services to this page. 

If the issue you are experiencing is not listed then remember to always report it directly to IT Services.

When disruption is added to the IT status page, a message is automatically posted in the #it-status Slack channel. This is a public facing channel which is open for all members of staff to join. 

We will continue to share the message on other communications channels however the status page is the best place to check initially. It will also continue to run in the case of a major internet outage. 

To ensure you’re in the know on disruption or planned maintenance to our IT Services, make sure you: 

  • Bookmark the IT status page 
  • Join the #it-status Slack channel