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Bikes left on campus

Posted on 10 August 2020

Have you left your bike on campus? The Department of Estates and Campus Services need to know when you intend to collect it, before bike sheds begin to be cleared in August.

The Directorate of Estates and Campus Services are readying the University for the return of students and some staff in September. 

Following an audit we have discovered over 450 bicycles remaining on campus that haven’t been used or moved for a number of weeks. 

We need to know who these bikes belong to and whether the owners intend to collect them as soon as possible. Our bike sheds will begin to be cleared at the end of August.

Here’s what you need to do…

My cycle remains on campus and I need it for next term

If you would like the University to store your bike until your return next term this is not a problem. 

Please follow these instructions as soon as possible - bikes will begin to be removed at the end of August:

  • Complete this form on the Travel and Transport pages giving as much detail as possible about your bicycle. 
  • Your cycle will then be stored (at the owner’s risk) until the start of term - bike locks may need to be broken when moving bicycles which unfortunately we cannot replace or reimburse.  
  • We will send you full details on the new location of your bike. 
  • When you return to campus you can collect your bike from the store or contact the receptionist who will be able to give you access. 

My cycle remains on campus but I don’t want it any more

If you no longer want your bicycle please let the Travel and Transport team know by emailing giving as much detail as possible including the location, a picture if possible, and the make and model.

What happens to unwanted bicycles?

We have an agreement with Fulford Cycles who repair our unwanted cycles, ready to be sold back to students during our Bike Doctor sessions at a discounted price. 

Any staff or students wishing to buy a refurbished bike should come along to the Bike Doctor sessions on campus.

Remember: cycling and walking are the most sustainable and healthy ways to get to and around campus.