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Have your say on our Vision for York

Posted on 9 October 2019

The University today opens a consultation into its strategy for the next ten years.

Join the conversation on the University Strategy 2030 (Vision for York)

New Vice-Chancellor Professor Charlie Jeffery has vowed to put sustainability, widening participation, internationalism and inclusive regional economic growth at the heart of a vision that will shape the University’s direction to 2030.

He said: “In shaping our vision for the future we want to consult with as many members of our community as possible, to collectively define what kind of university we want to be by 2030.

“The time has come to be bold, ambitious and far-reaching by redefining the University’s contract with society and its own community. We want your help to shape our vision and define our future plan.”

Staff can help shape what kind of University we should be, how we will approach the challenges and changing conditions we will face, and how we try to flourish. 

The consultation focuses on three areas: principles, key challenges and strategic goals. 

You can view the consultation information in full to have your say.