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Updating our Sustainability Strategy

Posted on 5 December 2019

The University of York is building its new sustainability vision

Vice Chancellor Professor Charlie Jeffery has vowed to put sustainability at the heart of a 10-year vision for the institution. The University’s direct response to the global climate emergency, which has been identified as one of our most significant existing challenges, will be included in this vision. 

In order to provide a structured approach to addressing all areas of sustainability, specifically our climate impacts, work has begun on revising the University's Sustainability Strategy. A Sustainability Steering Group has been established, along with multiple focussed Working Groups, to initiate the development of the strategy.

The strategy will cover all areas of the University including teaching, research and campus operations, as well as our interactions with local communities. It will directly address how we educate and advance sustainability, while also tackling our direct impacts (e.g. natural resource usage / carbon emissions).

In addition, the approach  will collate and expand on the world leading research that the University already undertakes, identifying where the University can make further positive impacts on local, regional and global sustainability. 

There will be continued engagement across the University throughout 2020 as the strategy is formulated, and we will communicate developments as we move forward.