Corporate print marketing

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Current University print marketing

Undergraduate Prospectus 2019

Download or order a print copy from our undergraduate study site

Undergraduate Prospectus 2018

Download or order a print copy from our undergraduate study site


Postgraduate Prospectus 2017

Read online or order a print copy from our postgraduate study site

Funding your study 2017/18

A guide to funding postgraduate studies for UK/EU students.

Funding your study (PDF  , 831kb)

Profile 2017

Profile 2017

The Profile leaflet is intended primarily for external distribution. It provides a brief overview of recent research and other successes achieved by the University and is especially useful to have on hand at events such as Open Days and for staff to take on formal visits.

Profile 2017 (PDF  , 4,486kb)

Welcome to our campus: a self-guided tour

This eight-page booklet provides information about the campus and contains maps with suggested tour routes for visitors to the University.

self-guided tour (PDF  , 2,932kb)

Annual Report 2017 front cover

Annual Report 2017

‌‌‎The Annual Report and Financial Statements discuss the main factors underlying the University's performance and financial position.‌

Annual Report and Financial Statements 2017 (PDF  , 966kb)

Research Champion leaflet: Creativity

Research Champion Leaflet: Creativity (PDF  , 132kb)

Research Champion leaflet: Culture and communication

Research Champion Leaflet: Culture and Communication (PDF  , 208kb)

Research Champion leaflet: Environmental sustainability and resilience

Research Champion Leaflet: Environmental sustainability and resilience (PDF  , 117kb)

Research Champion leaflet: Health and wellbeing

Research Champion Leaflet: Health and wellbeing (PDF  , 186kb)

Biomedical and Health research at York Brochure cover

Expertise and application brochure: Biomedical and Health Research at York

Expertise and application brochure: Biomedical and Health Research at York (PDF  , 1,125kb)

Applied Mental Health Research at York brochure cover 150px

Expertise and application brochure: Applied Mental Health Research at York

Expertise and application brochure: Applied Mental Health Research at York (PDF  , 627kb)

Research Champion leaflet: Justice and equality

Research Champion Leaflet: Justice and equality (PDF  , 188kb)

Research Champion leaflet: Risk, evidence and decision making

Research Champion Leaflet: Risk, evidence and decision making (PDF  , 2,521kb)

Research Champion leaflet: Technologies for the future

Research Champion Leaflet: Technologies for the future (PDF  , 133kb)


Past publications

Research and Innovation issue 5 cover

Research & Innovation


Cover of Changing and Challenging Our Futures

Changing and Challenging Our Futures

‌‎This document aimed to demonstrate the impact that the University of York makes on communities around the globe. We outline here the effect the University has in catalysing economic development, addressing global challenges through new technological and scientific developments, student and staff volunteering, contributing to culture, and science outreach with children.

Changing and Challenging Our Futures (PDF  , 7,185kb)


Annual Report and Financial Statements

An introduction to York

Find out more about life at York.

An introduction to York (PDF  , 1,300kb)

Reflections cover

Reflections: 50 years of changing the world

As one of Britain's youngest universities, York has risen from modest beginnings to the very top rank of higher education institutions in the country and the wider world. Read about the key events from the University's first 50 years, and the people who helped to make York great.

Read Reflections

Timeline booklet


A pocket-size concertina version of our 50th Anniversary timeline exhibition, charting significant events from the University's history. Copies available on request from the Communications and Marketing team.

View an online version of the timeline on the 50th Anniversary website


Past subject brochures


Arts and humanities research

This brochure provides just a taste of some of the rich and varied research being conducted in the arts and humanities at York.

Arts and Humanities brochure (PDF  , 6,867kb)


Science and Technology cover

Science and technology: a snapshot

Research in science and technology at York is changing lives now, and has the potential to transform our future. This brochure provides a snapshot of some of our most innovative projects.

Science and Technology brochure (PDF  , 6,950kb)

Archaeology brochure cover


Addressing the big questions about our past that can only be answered through studying Archaeology.

Archaeology brochure (PDF  , 3,210kb)

Computer Science brochure cover

Computer Science

A guide to undergraduate study in one of the UK's top ten Computer Science departments.

Computer Science brochure (PDF  , 6,678kb)

Environment brochure cover

Environment and Geography

The Department of Environment and Geography is at the forefront of teaching and research on sustainable solutions to real environmental problems. Find out more in this undergraduate brochure.

Environment brochure (PDF  , 1,080kb)

History brochure cover


See the world differently - study History at the University of York.

Language and Linguistic Science brochure

Language and Linguistic Science

Language is so much a part of every aspect of our lives – our history, our culture, our friendships, and our thoughts. Find out more about studying Language and Linguistic Science at York.

Language and Linguistic Science brochure (PDF  , 4,723kb)

Mathematics brochure cover


Find out more about undergraduate study in the Department of Mathematics, and see if you can crack the maths puzzle on the cover of the brochure.

Mathematics brochure (PDF  , 914kb)


Music brochure cover


Study, create and perform in the Department of Music at York.

Music brochure (PDF  , 2,489kb)

Natural Sciences brochure cover

Natural Sciences

York’s Natural Sciences programmes combine subjects including Archaeology, Biology, Chemistry, Electronics, Environment, Mathematics, Philosophy, Physics and Psychology to provide you with a broad spectrum of options built around the University’s interdisciplinary research excellence.

 Natural Sciences brochure (PDF  , 3,181kb)


Physics brochure cover


Find out how world-leading research in the Department of Physics at York is advancing the frontiers of technology and inspiring the next generation of physicists.

Physics brochure (PDF  , 2,030kb)

Physics brochure cover


Learn more about the thought-provoking, diverse and challenging degree courses available in the Department of Politics.

Politics brochure (PDF  , 941kb)