Regenerative Medicine Final Conference

  • Date and time: Tuesday 23 May 2017, 10.00am to 6pm
  • Location: Kings College London
  • Admission: By invitation only

Event details

Papers from project team members will be given addressing the core areas examined during the research. In addition, two Panels of invited speakers will explore developments outside of the UK as well as challenges ahead.

A final session will be devoted to the recently published House of Commons’ Science and Technology Select Committee’s Inquiry on Regenerative Medicine and how the findings and insights of the REGenableMED project can contribute towards future development of the field.

The Conference also provides an opportunity for networking across over 100 delegates from policy, practitioner, professional and academic research backgrounds.

Project summary: REGenableMED (2014-2017) is an ESRC-funded social science project under the direction of the PI, Professor Andrew Webster at the University of York with colleagues from the NIHR in Birmingham, and from the Universities of Edinburgh and Sussex and York1. The project examines the ways in which institutions and agencies are interacting and 'readying' themselves for regenerative medicine (RM), focusing mainly on the UK. It identifies the various institutional, legal, social and economic factors that enable as well as hinder the development of novel regenerative medicine therapies. 

Dr Maki Umemura, Professor Margaret Sleeboom-Faulkner, Dr Michael Morrison, John Gardner, Sandhya Duggal, Dr Magda Papadaki, Professor Tony Pagliuca, Professor Andrew Webster