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Expert Reaction: Labour launch their manifesto

Posted on 16 May 2017

Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn has launched the party's manifesto, 'For the Many, Not the Few'. Professor of Modern History, Lawrence Black, at the University of York, comments on the reaction to the launch:

Professor Black said: “Much store is being put by Labour's manifesto by its activists: they see it as a radical guide to what Labour will do in office.

"Labour's opponents will also allege it is the most radical manifesto since 1983, when the Conservatives claimed that Labour's manifesto pledge to leave the Common Market was "communist". From a historical perspective therefore, it could be argued that this ‘radical’ approach, isn’t really so very ‘new’.

“Political commentators, the media, even historians, will lavish attention on the manifesto. Most voters, on the other hand, won't read the manifesto or will be sceptical of what they do read.

"Most polling evidence suggests broad support for policies like the renationalisation of rail and of water supply, but the the negative perception of the party leadership's ability to deliver prevails against that.”

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