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Amazing views of a solar eclipse from Astrocampus

Posted on 20 March 2015

Astrocampus takes advantage of clear skies to capture rare astronomical event

The eclipse seen through a solar telescope

Today marked a rare astronomical event that the University of York’s Astrocampus and largely clear weather conditions helped people to see in all its glory.

The partial solar eclipse, caused by the Moon passing in between Earth and the Sun, dimmed the skies above the city for nearly two hours.

More than 150 visitors thronging the Astrocampus used solar viewing glasses, solar telescopes and pinhole cameras to witness the stellar event.

Outreach officer in the Department of Physics, Katherine Leech, said: "It was wonderful to see so many people from across York joining us for this special event."

Astrocampus Director and Astronomer Dr Emily Brunsden was also at St Wilfrid's RC Primary School in York with several classes getting a special chance to see the eclipse with glasses and a solar telescope. It will be a sight they will remember for years to come.

Dr Brunsden said: "I love how events like eclipses capture people's imagination and turn their thoughts to astronomy. We are made acutely aware we live on a small planet and there is much more going on in space that is much bigger than us and exciting too!"

The UK will not see another solar eclipse this good until 2090.

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