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York chemist co-organises Royal Society exhibition and trials in local school

Posted on 1 July 2014

Professor Lucy Carpenter, from the University of York’s Chemistry Department, is co-organising part of the prestigious Royal Society Summer Exhibitions, adapting content to ‘road-test’ on schoolchildren in Naburn, North Yorkshire.

Pupils from Naburn Primary School learn about tropical storms ahead of a Royal Society exhibition

The exhibition Tropical Storms, led by Neil Harris from the University of Cambridge, showcases a unique experiment investigating storms in the West Pacific. Using data from special instruments on board three research aircraft, measurements from varied regions reveals how air moves in such storms and how storms influence the upper atmosphere.

Funded by the RSC, initial engagement trials for the exhibition took place at Naburn Primary School. Taking materials into the classroom, pupils were given the chance to learn about advanced research and experience the excitement of work on field campaigns before the official exhibition opens in July.

Professor Carpenter said: “We were bowled over by the response from the children at Naburn School, they were really enthusiastic and had lots of questions, and answers, on how clouds form, why air rises, and what it's like to be an environmental scientist. Now we're raring to go to show the exhibit on a somewhat larger scale in London!”

Tropical Storms runs from 1 – 6 July at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2014 in London. Entry is free for all ages.

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