Our cluster pioneers adventurous research in architectural history and theory.

In a period when architecture is assuming increased importance locally and internationally, we provide one of the largest, liveliest and most wide-ranging groups of experts in the UK.

Geographically, we focus on Britain, France, Italy, the Netherlands, the Spanish empire and Germany. Our research is framed by approaches such as historical materialism, the new materialism, critical theory and feminism. We offer significant expertise in gender and sexuality, architectural drawings, spirituality and religious devotion, urbanism and archival work.


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Dr Joshua Mardell
Cluster Director

  • Professor Helen Hills
  • Baroque architecture; complex cities; architecture and masculinities and femininities; architectural theory; architecture and religion
  • Blair Apgar 
  • Medieval and Romanesque Architecture in Lombardy
  • Maria-Anna Aristova 
  • The Problem of Ornament in Early Modern Architecture
  • Fabrizio Ballabio 
  • The Architecture of Governmental Machine: the relationship between the architectural and administrative interventions designed by Bourbon Rulers to restructure the newly formed kingdom politically and economically following their arrival in Naples in 1734
  • Katharine Bould 
  • The architectural and social history of Heslington Hall
  • Charlotte Davis 
  • The approaches of key carvers active in post-Restoration England: Francis Bird, Caius Gabriel Cibber, Grinling Gibbons, and Edward Pierce
  • Alexander Echlin 
  • The Architecture of Lord Burlington reconsidered
  • Dawn Faizey Webster 
  • To what extent did the architecture of the early modern grammar school affect, impede or complexify its formal educational and broader social learning functions?
  • Stephen Kerr
  • The impetus provided by the Ernst-May-Siedlungen housing projects in Frankfurt during the Weimar Republic to the development of dweller-designed domestic interiors in Modernist mass-housing.
  • Mark Kirby
  • Furnishing Wren’s churches: Anglican identity in late seventeenth century London
  • Layla Lozano 
  • Early British Women Travellers to Ravenna and Their Impact Upon Early Studies of Byzantine Art
  • Elizabeth Romariz
  • Architectural Albums: Educational and Professional Tools for a British Architects, 1650-1750
  • Melissa Stanley 
  • A thematic study on the planning and actualisation of three English towns of the New Town Movement: Letchworth, Milton Keynes, and Harlow
  • Hannah Tomlin 
  • The relationship between domestic interiors and inhabitants in Palazzo Strozzi c1500-c1700
  • Valeria Viola
  • Architecture, Devotion, Family Life: chapels in aristocratic houses of baroque Palermo (ca. 1650 - 1770)

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Dr Joshua Mardell
Cluster Director