Accessibility statement


Facilities in the Department pf Environment and Geography include laboratories, seminar rooms and a student social area, with computer rooms and lecture theatres in adjacent colleges.

In addition, because of our interdisciplinary approach, some subjects are taught in other departments, such as Biology and Politics.

The teaching laboratory is particularly geared towards environmental work with a focus on the environmental chemistry of water, soil and air as well as ecology and environmental biology. It also services geography/geology practicals.

An instrumental analytical chemistry laboratory is geared towards environmental analysis of soils, water and air samples. A preparation laboratory is designed for the storage, preparation and extraction of environmental samples for analysis.

Undergraduate students performing final year projects and masters students involved in practical laboratory work for their dissertation also have access to a fourth dedicated student research laboratory and to the government laboratories within the York-based Food and Environment Research Agency (FERA).

Laboratory flasks showing photosynthesis at work (tk-link on flickr)