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Environment students

BSc or MEnv?

Our course structure is designed to give you time before you have to commit yourself to a particular area of specialisation. The choice between MEnv and BSc can be left until the end of Year 2 if you initially apply for the MEnv degree. If you apply for the BSc, your decision should also be made by the end of Year 2.

In making the choice between BSc and MEnv, you need to consider how useful the additional MEnv year will be in preparing you for your likely career. The MEnv at York is designed to provide a more vocational experience than the 3 year BSc, and is particularly useful for those who wish to move into a career in the environmental sector, or for those preparing for a PhD. The additional year will give you the chance to specialise in one of six streams that will provide relevant experience and exciting new challenges. In addition, the MEnv allows students to extend their undergraduate funding arrangement for an extra year, rather than taking a graduate loan as would be necessary for a stand-alone masters degree. Students who take the MEnv courses are generally aiming for an environmental career or further study via a PhD, whereas students taking the BSc may be interested in a variety of possibilities, for example, teaching.

At York we do not differentiate between MEnv and BSc when making offers.