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York Internships

We offer small businesses the opportunity to tap into the skills and energy of high-calibre students from the University of York. Whether you have short or longer-term projects, our internships cover various job sectors and can span from 4 to 12 weeks, accommodating your business's specific needs and schedule, even during busy semesters.

Consider the following project ideas that could transform your business but might be sitting on the back burner due to time constraints:

  • Enhance your social media presence
  • Identify and target your ideal customers with tailored marketing campaigns
  • Elevate your website's performance and SEO ranking
  • Develop a new mobile application
  • Train your team on cutting-edge technologies
  • Conduct vital market research
  • Create resources in languages other than English

Internships bring a host of benefits to small businesses, fostering growth, fostering innovation, and paving the way for long-term success.

Our team handles the entire recruitment and payment process, saving you the hassle of bringing on an intern directly onto your payroll. The cost of hiring an intern is only £13.50 per hour, which covers the student's wage (£12.00 per hour, aligning with the University's commitment to a real living wage) and employer costs (£1.50 per hour, inclusive of holiday pay, apprenticeship levy, and NI).

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Advertise your vacancies

Let our students know about your opportunities.  We will support you to promote: 

  • Graduate jobs, with an immediate or future start date
  • Part-time or seasonal work suitable for vacations or alongside study
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Internships and placements
  • Experiential learning, fellowships and apprenticeships.

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Placement students provide a superb opportunity for companies to recruit from a diverse range of  high calibre, motivated students, enhancing your graduate talent pipeline and providing a cost effective, low risk solution for your business needs.

To minimise the time it takes you to recruit and hire a placement student, we provide a comprehensive service which covers:

  • Project scoping
  • Expertise in advert & job description writing
  • Vacancy marketing 
  • Shortlisting & arranging interviews
  • Pre- and on-placement support
  • Dedicated point of contact for queries
  • Management procedures in-place to address issues

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We’d be delighted to hear from you. The Enterprise Works team can be contacted via:
+44 (0)1904 321420

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