International Scholarship Awards

This award recognises the academic excellence of your application by offering a scholarship during your first year of study.

  • Funding: £1,000
  • Academic year: 2024/25
  • Open to: International (including EU) students
  • Qualification level: Undergraduate
  • Number available: 15

Open to International (including EU) students only.

In order to be eligible you must also have an offer for a place on this course: BA (Hons) English

To be eligible, you must:

  • be classed as an International (Overseas) student for the duration of your degree. This includes EU students. If you're unsure whether you're classed as a UK or International student for fee purposes, check your fee status.
  • hold an offer to study BA (Hons) English (Q300), starting your course in September 2024.
  • make York your firm choice by 6th June 2024.
How to apply

There is no separate application form to complete. We will assess every applicant who meets the above eligibility criteria.

How we allocate

The offer of the award is based on your academic record to date, and receipt of the award is dependent on the successful completion of your A-level exams or equivalent qualifications. Other performance indicators may also contribute to the decision of our assessors. Eligible applicants will be considered automatically based on the information provided in your UCAS application form. Awardees will be notified in Semester 1 and payment will be made in Semester 2.

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