Acclaimed Academic Visitor, Professor Amos Golan

News | Posted on Thursday 9 March 2023

We have the pleasure of welcoming Professor Amos Golan from the American University to our department.

Professor Amos Golan holding his book Foundations of Info-Metrics.
Professor Amos Golan holding his book Foundations of Info-Metrics.

On the 13 and 14 of March Amos Golan will be joining our department from the American University.

Amos Golan directs the Info-Metrics Institute at American University. His main area of research is information and the science of modelling, reasoning and drawing inferences under conditions of noisy and insufficient information (InfoMetrics).

Golan is an External Professor (The Santa Fe Institute) and a Senior Associate (Pembroke College, Oxford).

Amos Golan's new book Foundations of Info-Metrics: Modelling, Inference, and Imperfect Information is now available from Oxford University Press.

While visiting the department, Amos will be presenting two lectures, open to both University and non-University participants:

  • 13 and 14 of March in A/D/271: "Information-Theoretic Modelling and Inference: Theory and Practice." The course is four hours in total and split into two hours for each session. On each day there is one hour for open discussion/practice too.
  • Registration is required and participation fees apply for non-university participants, which include coffees and a light lunch each day.

The lectures are based on the book "Foundations of Info-Metrics" written by Amos Golan. It is highly recommended to get the book prior to this short course.

Book your place on the course

  • 16 March 12 noon in A/D271 - Seminar Amos will present "What Information Theory Brings to Modeling and Inference".  Booking not required.  All welcome.