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Langwith Baking Club

There's is lots and lots to get involved in Langwith College!  From yoga to volunteering; environemntal projects to baking; formal meals to trips to seaside.  Between your College your department and University Socieities you should never be stuck for new things to do, or new people to meet!

Information on a just a few of things we can do can be found on these tabs,  and on our student association's web pages here: Langwith College Student Assocation.

Living Learning Community

 Langwith Living Learning Communities 2019 - 2020

Scott Award Lantern Making 2019 

The Langwith Living Learning Community aims to nurture the arts within the University by offering students the opportunity to live with other individuals with shared interests.. The Community provides residents with a range of unique opportunities and support to foster their interests in arts and music. This includes advice about the arts scene in York and the University, free access to the Wentworth art studio and Vanbrugh music rooms, free access to the Scott Award’s weekly art workshops, and the opportunity to plan and run arts based events and trips. 

Langwith also has termly Open-Mic nights and on-site music practice rooms in ‘The Basement’ which are open to all of our students.. 

The Community works closely with the Langwith Scott Award Committee - a group of student leaders who work to promote arts within the university. The Scott Award Committee supports the Living Learning Community throughout the year, helping them to plan and run events. Currently, there are several Community members on the Scott Award. The Committee run weekly arts workshops, Langwith Live Lounge (termly open mic nights in the Glasshouse), and an annual art exhibition in the University’s Norman Rea Gallery. They have also been involved with running College trips to the Hepworth Gallery and Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Living Learning Community members can get involved with the work of the Scott Award, such as assisting in running workshops, helping with tech for the Live Lounge, and shadowing positions of those currently on the committee. 

We are looking for students with passion who can maintain and develop the arts and music tradition of the College to be a part of Langwith's Living Learning Community. If the arts and/or music are important to you - as a hobby, career, or general passion - we would love to have you.

This is a unique opportunity to shape the community through the arts, gain valuable experience and to explore your own interests.

If you are interested, we would love to hear from you!

You can email the Scott Award at

Additionally, more information is available at the LLC page of the Scott Award website here

If you would like to apply for a place in our Living Learning Community, please do this after you have applied for your University accommodation - apply here.


Scott Award

The Langwith Scott Award

Langwith Scott Award exhibition 2019

The Scott Awards is our annual art competition, taking place around Easter every year.  The purpose of the awards is to encourage and reward creative and artistic work of all kinds.

Candidates are invited to nominate an item of such work - it may be poetry or prose, for example, or a painting, a portfolio of photograpgs, a piece of music of handicraft; or an activity - a theatrical production, a performance in a play, or an instrumental recital for example. The range of acceptable offerings is intended to be as wide and welcoming as possible.

These awards have been made possible due to the remarkable generosity of the late Eileen & Michael Scott, who were both artists and honorary members of our Senior Common Room.

Please view our website: 

For any queries for more information, please contact

Development Awards

The Langwith Student Development Award

The Langwith Student Development exist as part of the College’s ongoing goal to support student development.   Grants are available to support students to attend conferences, undertake internships or anything else that they feel will benefit them academically and personally. 

Grants are awarded on a case by case basis and range up to £300 per application. Prospective students will attend interviews towards the end of summer term and successful applicants will return to the college the following year to partake in a recorded evening to promote the scheme to future generations of Development awardees.

Past iterations of the scheme have resulted in students undertaking a wide range of diverse placements and challenges, from working for local charities, to teaching placements in Sri Lanka.

Langwith Student Development Awards were awarded to students involved in the following projects during Summer 2018:

  • Casework and Advocacy Intern with the British Red Cross, Refugee Services
  • Internship under the Summer Diversity Internship Programme, with the Interpersonal Violence Team at the Home Office
  • Internship with Goldman Sachs

In 2019 we are planning to expand the scale an dscope of the Langwith Student Development Awards by inviting donations from friends and alumni of the College. We be launching a campaign in Spring 2018. In the meantime, you can also make a gift if you so wish.


"I was awarded the Langwith Development Award of £150 to participate in a 3 month internship with the British Red Cross. I used this award to cover my travel costs between York and the British Red Cross office in Leeds, meaning I could gain invaluable experience in the third sector without being out of pocket. During my internship I worked as a Refugee Caseworker to advocate for clients over issues around asylum support. I was responsible for conducting 1:1 meetings with clients, making referrals and providing destitution provisions. This experience allowed me to develop my advocacy skills and gain a greater insight into the charity sector. Since finishing my internship I have participated in a three month international development project in Kenya and have secured interviews for paid positions with the Red Cross, Citizens Advice and similar organisations. I believe these opportunities would not have been as readily available to me without undertaking this internship!"

Jade Bone

"I was awarded £150.00, which contributed towards my travel expenses for my nine-work internship in Westminster, London. I worked within the Inter-personal Violence Team in the Public Protection Unit at the Home Office. I met with stakeholders, and influenced thinking and discussions around current and future policies regarding domestic abuse, and ending violence against women and girls (VAWG) in England and Wales. Specifically, I worked on a project for updating the Domestic Violence Disclose Scheme (DVDS), otherwise known as Clare's Law; my research and digital presentation contributed to the National Stakeholders Meeting. The opportunity was one of the most insightful and rewarding experiences, and above all inspiring. I will always appreciate the personal and professional experiences I gained, and grateful for the Langwith Development Award."

Amara Copsey

"I was awarded £150.00, which contributed towards my expenses for my ten-week internship in Goldman Sachs, London. I worked within the Securities division which comprises of Sales, Trading and Structuring. I completed a two-week training programme giving me the skills I needed to succeed during the internship and then 8 week-long rotations across Equities and FX. During the rotations I was able to see how an investment bank functions day-to-day and develop both personal and professional skills. I was also given numerous opportunities to attend networking events to meet professionals from across the bank and hear their personal experiences. I am extremely grateful for my experience and for the Langwith Development Award."

Alyson Leonard 



"I used the Langwith Award towards my ICS placement last summer with Challenges Worldwide. I spent 10 weeks in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, working as a consultant to help small to medium businesses. We spent Monday-Friday working on our business projects. I worked with Steven on Ingabo Plant Health. This was a business that worked to bring Rwandan farmers better quality and safer agrochemicals so they could move from subsistence farming and start making a profit. This social impact work was highly rewarding and I learned a lot from Steven, from being in such deep contact with a completely different culture. This experience was brilliant as it allowed me to travel and really develop my intercultural communication skills while gaining invaluable business consulting experience. This was a fantastic opportunity to get industry-relevant experience on my CV.  I would highly recommend that Langwith students apply for the award to do something they'd otherwise not have the chance to do. Have an adventure!"

Eleanor Knight.




Sport and active living

Langwith Sun Run 2019

All Langwith students can take part in the College sporting events, whether you are a complete beginner or top sportsperson. The emphasis in College sport is participatory rather than competitive, although we are proud of our many sporting achievements (four Langwith sports teams represented York College sport at the recent Varsity competition with Durham in 2019).

If playing a particular sport is your passion, our LCSA Committee sports reps are keen to hear from you as early as possible in the academic year. We have plenty of teams for you to get involved in: Football, Rugby, Netball, Basketball, Cricket, Rounders, Pool, Darts and many more. Check out the LCSA sports page for more information. You may contribute to Langwith winning the Inter-College Sports Cup.

The College also runs free weekly Yoga and Tai Chi classes with the other Campus East Colleges (Goodricke and Constantine).

In adtion students can also take part in the 5 km Heslington Park Run which takes place every Saturday at 9 am on the grounds of York Sports Village which is only a short walk from Langwith. It's not competitive - it's you against the clock! If you register for the Park Run we encourage you to sign up to join the 'Langwith Goes Running' park run group on their website.

If you want to join a University-level sports club or play a sport which is not available at College level (rowing, for example), look at York Sport. They can give you more information on the wide range of sports the University has to offer.

If you're not interested in team sports but still want to keep fit, you can take part in activities such as dance, fitness training and aerobics classes at the York Sports Village. This is a five-minute walk from Langwith College. We also offer free weekly Yoga classes in the College for you to relax and de-stress.