An MChem with a Year Abroad (in Boston) 

Alice, Year 4
MChem: Chemistry

Alice Boston

Boston is a beautiful city. I love it here, I think it is an amazing place to be a student. There are so many colleges and universities in Boston and in Cambridge - there are a lot of young people living here and has a very studenty vibe.

In the first couple of weeks I did a lot of tourist activities to get to know the city. Boston has a lot of history that can be learnt about along the freedom trail.

I've been to a lot of American sports matches - ice hockey, football, basket ball and baseball, and I am living right next to Fenway Park which is the home of the Red Sox, Boston's baseball team.

I am working in the laboratory for drug discovery for neurodegeneration, which is affiliated with Harvard medical school and Brigham and Women's hospital.

I am really enjoying my year abroad in Boston, and I am very grateful that I can be the first from York to come to this placement

Everyone in the lab is friendly and it is a relaxed atmosphere to be working in. We have fortnightly meeting and have had the opportunity to present at a poster symposium to practice presentation skills.

I have been given the opportunity to develop my research skills and we are given responsibility in our projects to determine which reactions to do next and suggest what compounds to make.