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Structure of heat-loving virus revealed
February 2019


New insights into insulin physiology and insect-transmitted diseases
September 2018

Chemistry Professor awarded Haworth Memorial Lectureship
September 2018

Making artifical metalloenzyme assembly reversible
August 2018

New method provides insight into disease
June 2018

New hope for cold cure
May 2018

Unlocking wood biomass
February 2018


Food flavour on a molecular scale
October 2017

New cellular imaging paves way for cancer treatment
June 2017

Wellcome Trust Senior Fellowship renewed
May 2017

YSBL team publishes human enzyme key to understanding brain diseases
March 2017

YSBL leads successful £1.6M bid for state-of-the-art equipment
March 2017

Seishi Shimizu's paper selected for special issue of J Phys Chem B
March 2017

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Gideon Davies wins industry award for work on enzymes for biofuels
November 2016

Gideon Davies awarded prestigious Royal Society Research Professorship
September 2016

Dr Kevin Cowtan's research on climate data published in Nature Climate Change
July 2016

Breakthrough in the treatment of inherited genetic disease
April 2016

New theoretical work helps access extracts from nature
April 2016

YSBL researchers publish new findings in biofuels quest
March 2016

New discovery reveals how living organisms use sulphur
February 2016


YSBL research team reveals structure of key cancer target enzyme
November 2015

New software led by YSBL researcher brings sugars into the limelight
November 2015

YSBL scientist publishes new report on global warming data
November 2015

"Thermodynamics teapot" featured on cover of RSC journal
October 2015

Professor Tony Wilkinson honoured by Slovak Academy of Sciences
September 2015

Professor Gideon Davies awarded 2015 Royal Society Davy Medal
July 2015

Research paper sheds new light on the molecular interactions in your tea
July 2015

YSBL researcher leads study explaining inaccuracies in climate modelling
July 2015

New EU training network "Fragnet" awarded
July 2015

New theoretical insight helps understanding of protein folding
May 2015

YSBL scientists find flaws in structural data on carbohydrate molecules
April 2015

Crystallographic methods expert helps debunk climate change myths
April 2015

YSBL researchers in Nature paper on yeast-eating bacteria
January 2015

New findings on starch-degrading enzymes published in Nature Communications
January 2015


YSBL scientists lead the way in carbohydrate research
October 2014

Professor Tony Wilkinson publishes new research into disease-causing enzyme
September 2014

YSBL scientists publish new findings on biomass breakdown
June 2014

Professor Gideon Davies elected to Fellowship of the Academy of Medical Sciences
May 2014

Professor Gideon Davies awarded RSC's Khorana Prize
May 2014

YSBL researcher wins prestigious Early Career award
March 2014

Funding boost for biological chemistry research
January 2014

York scientists investigate the fibre of our being
January 2014


YSBL researchers in biofuels advance
December 2013

Malaria drug target raises hopes for new treatments
December 2013

Missing heat in the climate system
November 2013

Launch of the Guy Dodson Fund
November 2013