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York Alumna, Jane Clarke made FRS

Posted on 12 May 2015

York Biochemistry Alumna, Jane Clarke is made a Fellow of the Royal Society

Jane Clarke FRS

 I left to become a school teacher, and it was only at the age of 40 that I returned to academia to start my PhD. Without my 1st class degree from York that would not have been a possibility.

Professor Jane Clarke is distinguished for the rigorous physical chemistry approaches she has adapted and applied to understand protein folding and misfolding.

Jane(then Jane Morgan) lived in Alcuin College - but spent most of her time in Langwith studying Biology with Chemistry (Biochemistry).  She was in York in the very early days (1969-72) , the campus was small, only about 1600 undergraduates with only nine on her course.

Her memory is of an idyllic time: "The summers were always hot (!), big groups visited small campuses in those days (my first date with my husband was at a Who concert in central hall), work was fun.  I still enjoy visiting both York campus (I have a collaboration with Jennifer Potts in Biochemistry) and the town regularly (to visit old university friends who never moved away)."

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