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Chemist awarded 2016 Freedericksz Medal

Posted on 20 January 2016

Professor John Goodby, FRS, has been awarded the 2016 Freedericksz Medal of the Russian Liquid Crystal Society for his “Outstanding Research in the Field of Chemistry of Liquid Crystals”.

John Goodby

The medal is the highest award made by the Russian Liquid Crystal Society.

Vsevolod Konstantinovich Freedericksz (1885-1944) was a founding member of liquid crystal research in Russia. Through the 1920-30s Freedericksz and his co-workers investigated many of the fundamental effects observed for nematic and smectic liquid crystals in the presence of electric and magnetic fields, such as reorientation, now called the Freedericksz transition (taught in MW1), electro-hydrodynamic instabilities, and dynamic scattering of light. Much of his work underpinned modern display device technologies.

Other winners of the Freedericksz Medal include Martin Schadt who invented the twisted nematic display (TNLCD) found in watch and computer displays, and Kyoto Laureate George Gray FRS, who’s invention of cyanobiphenyl liquid crystals underpinned the development of the displays industry.